Singaporean metaverse start-up Stardust has signed memorandums of understanding with three companies at the sidelines of the Asia TV Forum and Market.

Stardust will become the official metaverse platform for Esports World Federation (ESWF) Singapore, streaming tournaments held within the country, and hosting a virtual clubhouse for the organization’s players and fans.

Kevin Balhetchet, president, ESWF Singapore, said: “The esports market is growing rapidly into a massive driver of the global entertainment market, and we are always looking for new ways to grow and connect with our community. The partnership with Stardust offers an exciting new platform to reach out to our partners and fans.”

Stardust has also signed with Biome Entertainment, which is is developing a slate of female-led thrillers, and production of the first film in the slate, “Cabin,” is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

Sarah-Tabea Sammel, founder of Biome Entertainment, said: “The metaverse offers new ways to tell stories for diverse audiences and create multi-media format avenues for their intellectual properties. As feature film, digital content and media art producers, we see the need to utilize new media forms to explore shared humanity equality narratives in innovative ways.”

“Solemn Vow,” an original anime series in development, will leverage the metaverse via Stardust to fully harness the potential of the intellectual property.

Creator Lawrence Panganiban said: “ ‘Solemn Vow’ uses anime, the globally popular Japanese art form, to tell a story that is inspired by the lore of the Philippines. But we are not stopping there, as we have plans to expand the intellectual property into manga, games, merchandise and more. Stardust is the perfect platform to bring the ‘Solemn Vow’ universe to a global audience.”

Stardust signed 10 contracts and MOUs with government agencies, associations and companies in Manila in July this year to establish collaboration relationships with Philippine creators. Stardust has also set up representative offices in Manila, Seoul and Sydney.

Chan Gin Kai, co-founder and CEO of Stardust, said: “It is exciting to work with talented creators and forward-looking organizations that understand the myriad possibilities that Web 3 presents. We look forward to many exciting new collaborations with partners in the region and beyond.”

Stardust is currently in beta stage and will launch officially in Jan. 2023.