Leading Latin American animation studio Pinguim Content have inked a deal with LA-based sales agent MultiVisionnaire Pictures to represent “Tarsilinha” internationally.

“Tarsilinha” is the award-winning animated children’s feature based on the whimsical worlds created by Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral. The 90-minute long 2D/3D hybrid pic tells the story of an 8-year-old girl who finds herself in a surreal alternate reality full of wonderous creatures and landscapes, all inspired by do Amaral.

A groundbreaking modernist, do Amaral herself took inspiration from Brazilian folklore and folk art and is considered one of Latin America’s leading modernist artists.

Zeca Baleiro (“Achados Não Procurados”) and Zezinho Mutarelli have composed a score a Brazilian baião -inspired score to accompany the visuals.

“Tarsilinha” premiered at the 2021 Shanghai International Film Festival before exhibiting at a number of prestigious festivals including the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Florianópolis International Children’s Film Festival; the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and the Belmont World Film festival in Boston.

At Shanghai it was nominated for best animation film and won best animated feature film from Latin America/Spain at the 2021 Chilemonos International Animation Festival.

MultiVisionnaire will handle the film’s sales worldwide excluding Latin America. They have recently developed an English-dubbed international trailer together with Pinguim.

“We are thrilled to team up with the experts at MultiVisionnaire who will help us take ‘Tarsilinha’ on even further journeys out across the world,” said Kiko Mistrorigo and Celia Catunda, the film’s directors and founders of Pinguim Content. “Tarsila do Amaral’s art represents the idea of taking different cultural influences to produce something new, unique and authentic and that’s what we wanted to do with the film too. The response so far has been amazing and we hope that many more people will now be able to enjoy it.”

Sean Haley, managing partner at MultiVisionnaire, said: “We always look for great storytelling with very unique execution. ‘Tarsilinha’ is an excellent family film with a distinctive appeal that will win over the hearts of global audience, for not only the artful animation inspired by Brazilian culture, but also the universal value of courage, friendship and self-discovery. We are delightful to represent the film and look forward to having success with it worldwide.”

“Tarsilinha” will be released theatrically in Brazil on March 17.

Check out the trailer below: