Although “Nope” is only three weeks away from hitting theaters, Universal has been keeping a lid on plenty of the details of the film, beyond distributing some intriguing images of unidentified flying objects and ranch living in the movie’s trailers. Now, director Jordan Peele is offering a deeper look at the world of the film, sharing a link to a website for “Jupiter’s Claim,” a fictional institution that appears to be headlined by Steven Yeun’s character.

Peele shared the Jupiter’s Claim website on his Twitter Friday afternoon, pointing users to the domain to peruse the world of “Nope.”

Website visitors are immediately greeted with a salutation from Yeun’s character Ricky “Jupe” Park, who introduces himself as a “former child actor and reality TV star… of ‘Kid Sheriff’ fame.’ A booming hero ballad also begins to play upon visiting the website.

“I’m thrilled to have you drift on into the dusty claim I’ve staked in these here parts! Jupiter’s Claim is the bestest darn California Gold Rush theme park in the Santa Clarita / Lancaster area!” the message reads. “Perfect for family outings, school groups, and birthday parties! Saddle up, pan for gold and earn my proprietary Jangle and remember, you get what you get and you don’t get upset!”

Upon clicking past the message, the sunny disposition of the website takes on a gloomy blue as the music distorts into a sinister boom. The cartoon portrait of Yeun’s cowboy has his frown turned upside-down as he glances upwards toward the sky.

The website features pages for six prominent locations of Jupiter’s Claim: a bank, a theater, a P.O. box, a well, a rodeo space called “Star Lasso” and a general store (complete with fictional merchandise — all “out of stock,” of course). The one-road town seems to operate on a fictional currency called “Jangle,” which can be won by playing a game on the webpage for the town’s bank and then tossed into the Winkin’ Well.

“Nope” will be released to theaters on July 22. Visit the Jupiter’s Claim website here.