Manta Comics, a prominent webcomics platform, announced the expansion of its library of mystery and thriller titles with the release of “Svaha: The Sixth Finger,” a webcomic adaptation of the popular South Korean film.

“Svaha” was initially released as a film in 2019 from director Jae-hyun Jang. The plot involves a cult-hunting pastor, a girl’s dead body with a talisman, and the search for truth behind the mysterious “Deer Mount” cult. The film also starred Squid Game lead Lee Jung-jae as Pastor Park, a man who works to expose cults.

Manta’s webcomic version will follow Woongjae, a greedy pastor with a spending problem who takes up a case to investigate a cult when the gig promises a hefty sum. As he dives deeper into the case, Woongjae is faced with horrors and mysteries that leave him questioning his faith altogether. Fans are able to view all 25 webcomic episodes, including a prologue of “Svaha,” now on the Manta app.

Manta’s extensive library features stories about knights and dragons, finding love with college rivals and more. The platform has recently been making efforts to expand its mystery and thriller library.

“Bringing amazing stories to Manta is our number one goal, and using web comics to elaborate on the world that “Svaha” created on screen is a wonderful opportunity,” said Moonseok Jeong, head of content at Manta Comics.

In support of the release of “Svaha,” Manta Comics is presenting a “Mystery & Thriller Weekend” campaign from Aug. 18-21, during which “Svaha” and six other webcomic titles will be made free to binge. The six additional titles are “Confessions,” “A Small Lie,” “Let’s Kill Your Husband,” “The Invitation,” “Justified Murder” and “The Paper Menagerie – The Regular.”