The Locarno Film Festival’s Locarno Pro initiative dedicated to pics in post is set to look at German films that are in their final stage of production for its upcoming edition.

The fest, located in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, in a statement said that the initiative, now in its tenth edition, will celebrate the up-and-coming cinema of a country that has been “crucial to the history” of the fest. Locarno Pro is now looking closer to home after being a springboard for pics from Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Israel, Poland, the Baltic Countries, Portugal, Serbia and Switzerland itself.

“German filmmakers and producers and the work they have given us has been at the heart of so many memorable editions of the Locarno Film Festival, the fest said in a statement.

Locarno organizers noted that German cinema was the subject of an expansive retro titled “Beloved and Rejected” in 2016, and pointed out that prominent German shingle Komplizen Film was honored with the best independent producer award in 2019, while Werner Herzog was tributed with an honorary Pard in 2013.

They also underlined standout recent German titles that launched from Locarno of late such as “A Voluntary Year” (pictured above) by Ulrich Köhler and Henner Winckler, in competition in 2019 and “No One’s With the Calves,” by Sabrina Sarabi in last year’s Filmmakers of the Present.

“The relationship between Locarno and German cinema runs deep,” said Locarno’s artistic director Giona A. Nazzaro.

“The many close ties we have forged with the German film industry have enriched the Festival and created endless possibilities and opportunities. Our aim is to continue and expand the dialogue so that together we can best meet the challenges presented by today’s changes in the film industry,” he added.

Through its partnership with promotional body German Films, First Look will choose 6 titles currently in post-production, giving their producers a chance to present these projects to industry professionals at  Locarno from August 5 to 7.

The works in progress will be presented directly to sales agents, buyers, programmers and representatives from post-production support funds, the idea being to help their completion and to boost both their sales prospects and international festival exposure.

Markus Duffner, head of Locarno Pro said: “We’re thrilled to team up with German Films for the eleventh edition of the work in progress section of Locarno Pro, helping –– as we done successfully within the framework of other national cinemas –– to now launch the international career of six brand new German productions.”

Simone Baumann, managing director German Films, commented: “First Look 2022 is the next step in German Films’ promotion strategy with upcoming talents and emerging producers. We look forward to presenting new voices and great projects to an international marketplace and we are happy for this extension of our enduring collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival.”

The titles selected for the 11 th edition of First Look will be made public at the end of July. The full program of industry activities and their respective formats – online or taking place during the physical Festival – together with details of the accreditation process, will be announced over the coming months.

German Films will be accepting applications until May 29.