Singaporean filmmaker Kelvin Sng has wrapped his latest film “Don’t Go Home Tonight” and presented it at the Asia TV Forum and Market on Thursday.

Sng is known locally as “Million Dollar Director” as his previous films “The Fortune Handbook” (2017) and “Taxi! Taxi!” (2013) both breached the million dollar mark at the Singapore and Malaysia box office. Both those films were comedies and “Don’t Go Home Tonight” is a departure for Sng.

The story revolves around five different cafe tables over the course of one night. The tables are occupied respectively by Singaporeans, Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese and Americans. When a blackout occurs, all hell breaks loose. Created without a script, the film is driven by character improvisations stemming from weeks of rehearsals and a basic premise.

“Cinema has become something that I strongly believe that will continue to exist, but has to coexist with other platforms,” Sng said during the presentation. “Consumer behaviour has changed a lot over the last two years. And it is something that even filmmakers like myself we have to adapt to. Our thinking, our behaviour, our mindset has to change. Which is why my team and myself we came up with this film. No longer are we making local films, with 100% local talents, local actors. Every film that I’m going to make from now on, is going to be regional. And because times have changed, our mindset must also change.”

The film aims for a festival run before releasing in six to eight months time, Sng said.

Meanwhile, at ATF, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Kelvin Sng Productions and GMA (Philippines) for feature film “King of Hawkers.”