‘I Love My Dad’ Star James Morosini on Making Out With Patton Oswalt: ‘He’s a Phenomenal Kisser’

Patton Oswalt and James Morosini at
Gilbert Flores for Variety

I Love My Dad” director, writer and star James Morosini kiss and tells about how he prepared for his bizarre makeout scenes with co-star Patton Oswalt

“We made out a lot ahead of time,” Morosini, who plays Oswalt’s son Franklin, told Variety jokingly at the premiere of “I Love My Dad” at the Largo at the Coronet on Thursday night. “He’s a phenomenal kisser. I hope everyone has the opportunity to make out with Patton Oswalt.” 

Based on Morosini’s own true experience of being catfished by his dad, the new indie comedy stars Patton Oswalt as Chuck, a father who desperately tries to stay connected with his estranged son by posing as a woman online named Becca (Claudia Sulewski). During a scene where Franklin (Morosini) asks “Becca” if he can pretend to kiss her through their messages, Chuck pictures the disturbing scenario of his son actually making out with him instead of his online persona. Amy Landecker, Lil Rel Howery and Rachel Dratch also star.

“The fact that something that absurd and perfect could happen to a writer-director-actor of his caliber is such a perfect marriage,” Landecker, who plays Morosini’s mom Diane, said. “He had the perfect story, and he had all of the abilities to make it into a film.” 

“I Love My Dad” marks Morosini’s second directorial effort, following his 2018 indie film “Threesomething.” 

“He doesn’t have a lot of preconceived notions or expectations about, ‘Well, the audience wants to see this, this and this,'” Oswalt said about his director and co-star. “All of his takes and all of his techniques were so fresh and unprecedented. Truly fun to get to see that.” 

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Claudia Sulewski and Billie Eilish at the Los Angeles premiere of “I Love My Dad” at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles on Aug. 4. Gilbert Flores for Variety

The film also marks YouTube star Sulewski’s second movie role following the 2019 indie horror “Deadcon.” “I felt like such an imposter being surrounded by such professionals and comedic geniuses,” she said about her first day on set playing Morosini’s imagined love interest, Becca. 

“But truly, everyone was so lovely to be around,” Sulewski continued. “And especially watching Patton act out such intense and emotional scenes, and watching him just add so much levity to the room in between those takes — even though what he was going through with Chuck was so intense — it was very cool to see his spirit come out on set and make us all feel really comfortable.” 

Although Sulewski has never made a fake social media profile herself, she has “had people use [her] photos for catfishing.” “Essentially, [I’ve] also lived this film,” she said, laughing. 

The premiere’s guest list included Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell, Jesse Rutherford, Chloe Cherry, Ava Capri, Rebecca Black and Bob Odenkirk.

“I Love My Dad” is in theaters Aug. 5.