Korean independent film sales agency, Indiestory is presenting four titles at Busan’s ACFM starting on Saturday. All were produced in 2022, and two of them “The Ripple” and “Dream Palace” are screening at the Busan International Film Festival

“Dream Palace” depicts the lives of 2 people who move into a new apartment building, only to receive news that their new homes will be back on sale. Inspired by 2010 real estate crises, the film deals with the ordeals of losing a home yet extending compassion to one another. Featuring Kim Sunyoung (“Broker,” “Three Sisters”) and Lee Yoonji (“Good Morning” and hit TV series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”), “Dream Palace” is premiering at the Busan festival’s Panorama section.

Premiering in BIFF’s Vision section is “The Ripple.” The film portrays the story of a middle-aged lady searching for traces of her dead granddaughter, who drowned in a reiver a year earlier. Thematically, the film addresses sadness, guilt about losing a loved one and different attempts at moving on. According to director Lim Seunghyun, the story is told with a non-linear structure so that pieces of the central incident come together like a puzzle. Kim Jayeong and newcomer Hong Yeseo star.

“Gyeong-ah’s Daughter” delves into a mother-daughter relationship as they navigate rocky moments after a woman (played by Kim Jung-young seen in “Kim Ji-young Born 1982”) sees a sex video of her daughter (portrayed by Ha Yoon-kyung of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”) with an unknown man.

Exploring themes of patriarchal violence and the misogyny women face in Korea, it raises questions about the convictions and values passed down to future generations. The first full-length feature directed by Kim Jung-eun, “Gyeong-ah’s Daughter” has received multiple festival invitations and awards. It was presented at this year’s Jeonju International Festival where it won the CGV Arthouse Distribution Support Prize and Watcha’s Pick: Feature Award.

Arthouse horror-fantasy film “The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra” follows the journey of an abandoned mattress. Through its fleeting flock of owners, accumulated fungus symbolizes their miseries, fueling the growth of a creature within. It feeds on its victims’ vertebrae and struggles to break free from its mold.  The feature debut of director Park Syeyeong, “Vertebra” won three awards at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), including best director, the audience award, distribution support award.