What’s in a Name? Or its design?

Quite a lot if you’ve just become one of the prime drivers in a €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) drive to turn your country into one of the foremost film-TV hubs in Europe.

For years, at markets, ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, the country’s export and inward investment board, emblazoned its Cannes and Mipcom stands with branded logos Cinema From Spain and Audiovisual from Spain, decked out in bold colours of the Spanish national flag.

From 2022, as Spanish series and movies – “Money Heist” (Part 4, 65 million households), “The Platform,” (56 million), “Below Zero” (47 million), “Elite” (Season 4, 37 million)  – scored huge audiences on Netflix, the most global of global platforms, ICEX has become a central player in Spain’s PSOE government Spain AVS Hub Plan. Tabbed at a total $1.8 billion in finance, it aims to ramp up film-TV production, exports and Spain’s big shoot scene.

ICEX is a key backer of the significantly enlarged Malaga Spanish Screenings, will run a Spain Audiovisual Bureau – a single window office for all enquiries about making films in Spain – and launch a round the year web-site to promote its industries.

It is also putting its back behind exports, across a broad span of film, TV, docs, animation and games. As its energies and budgets increase and broaden, so does its need for new logos which mark an overall sense of organization and range.

So it’s out with the old and in with a new set of logo brands. Presented this week by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, Audiovisual from Spain, the umbrella brand, as well as Cinema from Spain and Docs from Spain, are all now spelt in a subtle shade of red, made up of  dots, marking their proximity.

Also developed bu Barcelona’s TwoPoints.Net, the logo for Animation from Spain is in purple, its body stars, that for Shooting in Spain, made up of sandy squares; Games from Spain uses orange rhomboids.

“The proposal consolidates a homogeneous and consistent identity, easily recognisable for companies, markets and media, which positions Audiovisual from Spain as a benchmark in supporting the internationalisation of Spanish audiovisual within the global ecosystem,” ICEX announced this week.

With the revamp, “ICEX wishes to reinforce an integrated and unified vision of all the sectorial brands used in events and specific activities related to the audiovisual field, which includes television, films, animation, documentaries, video games, visual effects, licensing, shooting and investment attraction and internationalisation of talent,” it added.

Expect the logos to become a prominent feature at events for the next couple of years.

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Shooting in Spain ICEX