“Milk” director Gus Van Sant has boarded Academy Award contender “Censor Of Dreams” as an executive producer.

The live action short, which has been shortlisted for an Academy Award, is directed by Léo Berne (Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”) and Raphaël Rodriguez and stars Damien Bonnard (“Les Misérables”) and Alexis Rodney (“Guardians of the Galaxy”).

The 17-minute film won the Oscars-qualifying Grand Prix at the Warsaw Film Festival.

Inspired by Yasutaka Tsutsui’s book “Yume no ken’estukan” (“The Censor of Dreams”), the film tells the story of a mysterious “Censor” who moulds memories into dreams.

“Dreams, like cinema, are inspired fictions that have something to tell us,” said Berne and Rodriguez. “‘Censor of Dreams’ was built on an image that touches us in particular, and that carries as much joy as sorrow, the dream visit of a loved one who has disappeared.”

Berne and Rodriguez have previously directed commercials and music videos for artists including Rihanna, Madonna and Kid Cudi, among others. Their campaigns for Burberry and Lacoste won the Gold and the Grand Prix respectively at Cannes Lions in 2021.

Van Sant said: “I am impressed by Léo Berne and Raphaël Rodriguez’s tour-de-force adaptation where the dry realism of an administrative office clashes with the incongruity of our subconscious in the most unexpected, humorous ways. ‘Censor of Dreams’ manages to create laughter in a poignant story, using the absurdity of dreams in delicate, unexpected ways and finding their true meaning within.”

“Censor of Dreams” is produced by Iconoclast. The short’s cinematographer is Khalid Mohtaseb (“The Wolf Hour”).

Salaud Morisset (“Skin”) has worldwide distribution rights.

“Censor of Dreams” is available to watch now on the Academy Awards platform.