Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American distribution rights to “The Seven Faces of Jane.” The experimental and experiential road film stars Gillian Jacobs, Anthony Skordi, Chido Nwokocha, Sybil Azur, Emanuela Postacchini, Daniela Hernandez, Joel McHale, Caroline Ducrocq, Breeda Wool, Soledad St. Hilaire and Joni Reiss.

The film had an interesting origin and is the product of multiple directors. It was made by a group of filmmakers which includes Jacobs, Gia Coppola, Boma Iluma, Ryan Heffington, Xan Cassavetes, Julian J. Acosta, Ken Jeong, and Alex Takacs. It follows Jane (Jacobs) as she drops her daughter off at sleepaway camp and drives away from her mundane life into an exciting odyssey on the road. Each part of that journey was created by a different filmmaker, and each director operated off of the story’s initial premise, with a few ground rules. However, the genre, tone, pace, additional characters and any other narrative details they chose were entirely at their own discretion. They were encouraged to express their unique vision, creative spirit and style as an artist, and they worked without knowledge of what the others were doing. Each segment of Jane’s journey was then joined together to form one, full-length feature film.

Gravitas Ventures will release the film on Jan. 13, 2023 in theaters and on demand.

“I am very pleased that Gravitas will be distributing the film and giving our eight very talented directors a platform to share their stories,” said Roman Coppola, one the film’s producers. “‘The Seven Faces of Jane’ has an adventurous format with multiple short films coming together as one, so I’m thankful that Gravitas understands our vision and is as enthusiastic as we are to share it with viewers nationwide.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Gravitas Ventures on the release of ‘The Seven Faces of Jane,'” said Allison Amon, a producer. “They are strong supporters of unique and independent storytelling and are the perfect collaborator to bring our film to audiences across the country.”

“Gravitas is excited to bring ‘The Seven Faces of Jane’ to theaters and into homes this January. This anthology highlights the unique visions of the directors while featuring Gillian Jacobs’ talent in a unique way that is rarely seen,” said Bill Guentzler, senior director of acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures.

Guentzler negotiated the deal with John McGrath and Mikey Schwartz-Wright from UTA on behalf of the filmmakers.