Lloyd Lee Choi, Erin Lau and Derek Nguyen were named as the recipients of the Future Gold Film Fellowship, a program designed to elevate three Asian and Pacific Islander directors that’s supported by Netflix, Gold House and Tribeca Studios.

Through the program, the directors will create scripted short films that explore the complexities of family love, persistence, and loss through their own artistic visions. The filmmakers will receive full funding; creative feedback and mentorship from Tribeca Studios and Netflix executives as well as production expertise from Tribeca; exposure to established talent within the Gold House network; and a seat in Gold House Futures. The short films will also be considered to premiere at the Tribeca Festival in June.

“Passing” producer and producing partner of Significant Productions, Nina Yang Bongiovi, who served on the selection committee, said, “Lloyd, Erin and Derek brought their A-game to this fellowship. It’s imperative that we support voices in the API diaspora, and short films are the perfect gateway for storytellers to be launched into the features realm. As a producer who champions BIPOC representation in film and television, I’m proud to be part of this inaugural program from Gold House, Netflix and Tribeca Studios.”

“These projects demonstrate the wonderful breadth of stories that can come from the API community,” said writer and director Aneesh Chaganty, who served on the selection committee. “And as someone whose career was kickstarted by a short film, I’m particularly excited to see this crop of filmmakers bring these stories to life.”

“I’m excited to be working with such groundbreaking industry entities such as Netflix, Gold House, and Tribeca Studios,” said Nguyen. “I’m grateful that these leaders in advancing inclusion are giving us the opportunity to make films that truly reflect our diverse API community. I feel heard, supported, and honored.”

“To have support from Netflix, Tribeca Studios and Gold House and to be part of such a passionate community is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to bring my film Closing Dynasty to life,” said Choi. “It’s a story that I hope brings a new take on the API experience, and one that continues to bring visibility and empathy to a community we need to see more of on-screen.”

“I’m so incredibly thrilled and honored to be selected for this fellowship and to have the opportunity to make a film about my home of Hawaiʻi,” said Lau. “Programs like the Future Gold Film Fellowship, which focus on elevating stories and voices from the API community are vital, especially during these challenging times. I look forward to working with this amazing group of people to create meaningful work for our communities.”