Dogwoof will handle international sales for Jason Kohn’s “Nothing Lasts Forever” following its world premiere in Berlin.

Kohn spent ten years on the project, traversing across the world and speaking to industry insiders including Dusan Simic, Aja Raden, Martin Rappaport, Stephen Lussier and Chandu Sheta.

“Infiltrating the highly secretive diamond industry, Kohn uncovers a threat to the lucrative trade that could devalue every diamond ever mined, effectively destroying the universal symbol of love and commitment,” reads the logline.

Variety‘s Peter Debruge described “Nothing Lasts Forever” as “a solid, investigative documentary, shot and scored like a tight art-house thriller” in his review. “Kohn has created the rare documentary that transforms the way we understand the world, questioning so many of our core beliefs, including the very notion of what is ‘real.'”

Dogwoof will present “Nothing Lasts Forever” at MipTV in April.

Showtime has the worldwide rights to the doc, which will air on the channel in the U.S. and Canada. The North American premiere will take place at SXSW.

“This is a unique, accessible and highly entertaining take on the theme of diamonds,” Anna Godas, CEO of Dogwoof, said in a statement. “It’s about how the consumer has fallen for the romantic bubble the industry has created. Add to that Jason’s talent and the Showtime stamp, we knew instantly this is an irresistible viewing proposition.”

Kohn’s previous works include “Manda Bala” and “Love Means Zero.”

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is produced by Kilo Films for Showtime.

Amanda Branson Gill, Jared Goldman, and Kohn also produce; Vinnie Malhotra executive produces for Showtime. Kimberley Hassett, Jonathan Gribetz and Heloisa Passos co-produce.