The shortened in-person Berlin Film Festival (Feb. 10-16) has revealed a raft of high profile shows that will participate in keenly anticipated annual fixture Berlinale Series.

The strand opens with Amazon Prime Video Argentinian spy series “Yosi, the Regretful Spy” and also includes HBO Max Swedish friendship comedy series “Lust”; Lone Scherfig’s TV2 Danish maternity ward-set “The Shift”; Czech Television, ARTE drama “Suspicion” from Czech Republic and France; British Sky supernatural thriller “The Rising”; Channel 2 Iceland police drama “Black Sand”; and from France’s Club illico, comedy-drama “Last Summers of the Raspberries.”

Films selected for the youth-focused Generation Kplus strand include “The Hill of Secrets” (South Korea); “Waters of Pastaza” (Portugal); “Moja Vesna” (Slovenia/Australia); “My Small Land” (Japan); “The Realm of God” (Mexico); “The Apple Day” (Iran); “Shabu” (Netherlands) and “Boney Piles” (Ukraine).

Films selected for the Generation 14plus strand include “Alis” (Colombia/Chile/Romania); “Bubble” (Japan); “Kalle Kosmonaut” (Germany); “Scheme” (Kazakhstan); “Stay Awake” (U.S.); and “The Land of Sasha” (Russian Federation).

Short films in the Generation Kplus strand include “The Most Boring Granny in the Whole World” (Germany); “Alma and Paz” (Mexico/U.S.); “Hush Hush Little Bear” (Latvia); “Datsun” (New Zealand); “Rooster” (Myanmar); “Louis I., King of the Sheep” (Germany/U.S.); “Luce and the Rock” (Belgium/France/Netherlands); “The Queen of the Foxes” (Switzerland); “To Vancouver” (Greece); “The Dependent Variables” (Italy); “Wheels on the Bus” (Nepal); and “Suzie in the Garden” (Czech Republic/Slovakia).

Shorts in the Generation 14plus strand include “At Sixteen” (Portugal); “Born in Damascus” (U.K.); “Fever” (Switzerland); “Funkele” (Netherlands); “Lay Me by the Shore” (Canada); “Memoir of a Veering Storm” (Greece); “Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics” (Canada); “Tinashé” (Australia); and “West by God” (U.S.).

in addition, the festival also revealed the 34 projects that will participate in the Berlinale Co-Production Market, part of the online European Film Market.

Official Selection of Projects Berlinale Co-Production Market 2022

“Mehal Sefari” (director: Abraham Gezahagne), Abricom Multimedia, Ethiopia & Gobez Media, Canada/Ethiopia

“Las Corrientes” (director: Milagros Mumenthaler), Alina Film, Switzerland & Ruda Cine, Argentina

“The Paris Project” (director: Arno Salters), Beluga Tree, Belgium

“Jimpa” (director: Sophie Hyde), Closer Productions, Australia

“Mother” (director: Teona Strugar Mitevska), Entre chien et Loup, Belgium

“Ortalan” (director: Nariman Aliev), ForeFilms, Ukraine

“The Wolf Will Tear Your Immaculate Hands” (director: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén), Hobab, Sweden & Resolve Media, U.S.

“The Wind Also Sings” (director: Hadi Ghandour), Incognito Films & Virginie Films, France

“Bonefever” (director: Bence Fliegauf), Inforg-M&M Film & Fraktál Film, Hungary

“20,000 Species of Bees” (director: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren), Inicia Films & Gariza Films, Spain

“The Difficult Bride” (director: Rubaiyat Hossain), Khona Talkies, Bangladesh

“Truly Madly Deeply” (director: Carlo Sironi), Kino Produzioni, Italy

“Yellow Letters” (director: İlker Catak), Liman Film, Turkey & if… Productions, Germany

“Slow” (director: Marija Kavtaradze), M-Films, Lithuania

“Texas Soul Sister” (director: Pascale Lamche), Maneki Films & Haut Et Court Doc, France

“Kafka” (director: Agnieszka Holland), Marlene Film Production, Czech Republic & Film and Music Entertainment, United Kingdom / Ireland

“In the Shadow of the Horns” (director: Ognjen Glavonić), Non-Aligned Films, Serbia

“Virginia Woolf’s Night & Day” (director: Tina Gharavi), Piccadilly Pictures & Asterisk Films, U.K.

“The Spring” (director: Ivan Ostrochovský), Punkchart Films, Slovakia

Berlinale Directors Projects:

“My Favourite Cake” (directors: Maryam Moghaddam & Behtash Sanaeeha), Caractères Productions, France & Honare Khiyal, Iran

‘Heia, Heia, Safari!” (director: Radu Jude), jip Film & Verleih, Germany & Micro Film, Romania

“Eunuch” (director: Udita Bhargava), Schiwago Film, Germany

“No Beast So Fierce” (director: Burhan Qurbani), Sommerhaus Filmproduktion, Germany

Rotterdam-Berlinale Express:

“Love on Trial” (director: Koji Fukada), Knockonwood, Japan & Survivance, France

Talent Project Market – Projects and Selected Producer-Talents

“Breed” (director: Kate Dolan), Blinder Films (producer: Evan Horan), Ireland

“The Trials of Alien Life: (director: Ian Lagarde), Colonelle Films (producer: Sarah Mannering), Canada

“Girls Will Be Girls” (director: Shuchi Talati), Crawling Angel Films (producer: Pooja Chauhan), India

“Available Now” (director: Assaf Machnes), KM Productions (producer: Kobi Mizrahi), Israel

“Sadrack” (director: Narcisse Wandji), Les Films d’Ebène (producer: Evodie N. Ngueyeli), Cameroon

“Lucky Strikes” (director: Vivienne Vaughn), MHK Productions (producer: Maya Korn), U.S.

“Don’t Cry, Butterfly” (director: Duong Dieu Linh), Momo Film Co (producer: Tan Si En), Singapore & Vietnam

“Hana Korea” (director: Frederik Sølberg), Seesaw Pictures (producer: Heejung Oh), South Korea & Denmark

“Cachalote” (director: Angelo Defanti), Sobretudo Produção (producer: Bárbara Defanti), Brazil

“Kevlar Soul” (director: Maria Eriksson-Hecht), Zentropa Sweden (producer: Ronny Fritsche), Sweden