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Following the worldwide success of Netflix’s Spanish-language YA romance “A través de mi ventana” (“Through My Window”), Wattpad Webtoon Studios has announced the film adaptation of “Sigue mi voz,” author and influencer Adriana Godoy’s more recent Wattpad webnovel hit.

Directed and written by Inés Pintor and Pablo Santidrián, of Netflix’s Spanish TV series “El tiempo que te doy,” “Sigue mi voz” is the latest project from the Wattpad Webtoon Studios Development Fund that will be produced out of Spain.

“Sigue mi voz” has more than 25 million reads on Wattpad, and Godoy is one of the platform’s most successful authors, with more than two million followers and over 20 published webnovels in English and Spanish. Her works have accumulated a total of more than 850 million reads on the platform. 

Godoy’s most personal story to date, the webnovel follows Klara and her search for love, identity and self-acceptance. 

After a mental health crisis that keeps her home for 76 days straight, Klara does nothing except listen to her favorite radio program, ‘Sigue Mi Voz.’ But one day she wonders if it is possible to fall in love with someone that she’s heard on the radio but never met and if she overcome her fears and step back out into the world.

 “’Sigue mi voz’ has a lot to do with me, a process that I went through with my father’s death, in some way it was letting out all those emotions that I felt. The inspiration was basically my own experience with my mental health, so I decided to capture it in the book and tell it with Klara’s story,” Godoy told Variety

“It was like a very personal experience that I shared with a lot of fear, because it was a very vulnerable part of me. But people’s reception was incredible. I keep getting letters from people explaining how the book helped them, which was just what they needed at the time,” she added.

“Mental health aside, I think it’s a very vulnerable story compared to my previous work. Apart from the fact that it has a piece of me, is very sentimental, very deep, I feel that I carry this story very much in my heart,” said.

Aron Levitz, David Madden and Lindsey Weems Ramey will executive produce the film for Wattpad Webtoon Studios. Bego Robles, director of international development and production, will oversee development in Spain.

“Ariana Godoy is one of our most prolific creators and her body of work is as impressive and diverse as it is rich in beautiful storytelling,” said Weems Ramey, head of global film for Wattpad Webtoon Studios, in a statement.

“Sigue Mi Voz’s unique yet relatable storyline and dynamic characters made it an obvious choice for an adaptation. We know that fans of the original story are going to love seeing it brought to life on screen in this way.” 

“I love romance and thrillers, but seeing this story reflected on the screen I know it’s going to touch a lot of people’s hearts in a little bit deeper way. That is what has me very excited about its film adaptation,” Godoy said.

Godoy penned the global webnovel and streaming sensation “A través de mi ventana” (“Through My Window”) directed by Marçal Forés and produced by Netflix, Spain’s Nostromo Pictures and Wattpad Webtoon Studios. 

After accumulating more than 325 million reads on Wattpad, the film adaptation premiered on Netflix in February 2022, where it reached No. 1 in 22 regions, the global Top 10 for Non-English films in 93 countries, and spent 12 weeks in the streamer’s global Top 10. The film has currently logged more than 92 million viewing hours worldwide. 

Netflix confirmed plans to produce the next two “Through My Window” sequels less than two weeks after it first launched on the service. 

“Sigue mi voz” has also been published by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial. Its film adaptation will be funded by Wattpad Webtoon Studio’s international Development Fund, a $100 million commitment from parent company Naver for development and production financing. 

Further upcoming projects in development from Wattpad Webtoon Studios Development Fund include “Gremoryland,” with Vertigo Entertainment; Deanna Cameron’s “What Happened That Night,” adapted by Academy Award-nominated “Children of Men” screenwriter David Arata; T.L. Bodine’s “The Hound,” by screenwriter Angela LaManna (Marvel’s “The Punisher” series), and Spanish Wattpad hit “Perfectos Mentirosos,” from author Alex Mírez, and Flor M. Salvador’s webnovel “Boulevard.” 

Sigue Mi Voz Courtesy of Wattpad Webtoon Studios