For Andrew Garfield and Zendaya, there is nothing greater than seeing their performances in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” bring a smile to people’s faces.

“The amount of joy that brought people is so cool,” Zendaya told Garfield during their “Actors on Actors” conversation for Variety, presented by Apple TV+. “Like, to see you guys have that moment together was special, but then also it made people happy. I think that’s really cool.”

The film became a pop culture phenomenon last December as it featured Garfield and fellow former Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire donning their superhero suits once more opposite Tom Holland. The three-man team up was almost 20 years in the making, bringing back storylines from Maguire’s 2002 film “Spider-Man” and closing the loop on Garfield’s arc from “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies. The first scene Zendaya and Garfield shot together was his character saving MJ, an emotional call-back to the fateful fall that took Gwen Stacy’s life in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“I guess it was good to get the more emotional stuff out of the way because the rest of the time was just us having a good old time,” Zendaya said.

Wen Garfield and Maguire first came on set, Zendaya revealed that she and the rest of her cast members were unsure if the ex-Spider-Men would fit in with their light-hearted culture. Luckily, they all were right at home.

“I was pissing myself laughing,” Zendaya joked. “I was dying. You guys had me dying, like crying laughing in between takes all the time.”

While there were plenty of jokes on set, it was nothing but nerves before Garfield and Maguire arrived. As Zendaya said,  “[Tom Holland] was so nervous because, you know, he’s like ‘I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.'”

“Me and Toby were like that! We were like, ‘We don’t want to step on Tom’s toes. Like, this is Tom’s movie, it’s your guys’ movie,'” Garfield added. “But it’s so sweet you guys were there… You guys were like, ‘Can we come and hang out with you guys?’ And I’m like, ‘What are these guys doing!'”

“We were there for emotional support,” Zendaya responded.

The silliness on the “No Way Home” set created several inside jokes that Zendaya and Garfield rattled off to one another during their “Actors on Actors” conversation. One inside joke had Tobey Maguire’s “crazy” forearms at its center, while others are remaining cryptic for now.

Watch the full conversation and see the transcript below.

ZENDAYA: I guess it was good to get the emotional stuff out of the way, because the rest of the time was just —

GARFIELD: Just giddy, joyful. Being so dumb. Pull those pants down, get those carts to get under the wraps —

ZENDAYA: The crazy forearms. Inside jokes!

GARFIELD: I forget what that was for.

ZENDAYA: It was the Tobey one.

GARFIELD: He had these crazy —

ZENDAYA: Forearms.

GARFIELD: Good joke bank you got there in that noggin of yours. That was really good.