Adam Venit, who was formerly a top Hollywood agent at WME and was accused of groping client Terry Crews, has been sued by his  estranged wife, Trina Venit, for alleged assault, sexual battery, domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking and defamation.

Triva Venit filed a lawsuit, obtained by Variety, in federal court in Los Angeles on Sunday. The suit alleges that during their 20-year marriage, Adam Venit “strangled her, punched her, kicked her and threw objects and food at her, forcibly restrained her robbing her of her freedom of movement for the sole purpose of continuing to abuse her, leaving her bloodied, bruised and physically and emotionally scarred.”

In one incident of abuse, Trina allegedly called the police after Adam strangled her, but Adam told officers that Trina was the one being abusive and that she had tried to kill herself. Believing Adam’s fabricated story, the officers arrested Trina for domestic violence and released her the next day.

The suit also alleges “Adam’s drug, steroid and alcohol use spiraled out of control” and that he was “a dangerous gun nut.” In March 2021, the couple filed for divorce, and Trina obtained a temporary domestic violence restraining order.

Adam Venit, who once represented stars like Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone and more, stepped down as as the head of WME’s motion picture department and left the company in 2018 after he was accused of groping Crews at a Hollywood event in 2016. WME investigated Crews’ accusation against Venit, but Venit was eventually cleared of charges, and Crews’ lawsuit was settled.

Variety has reached out to Adam Venit’s company 890 Fifth Avenue Partners for comment.