Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s upcoming horror movie “Skill House” is living up to its genre billing, even behind the scenes. The 47-year-old rapper and actor took to his social media platforms to share the story of a camera operator on the movie apparently passing out while shooting a kill scene, which halted production for about a half hour.

On an Instagram story related to the incident, 50 Cent noted that the cameraman “couldn’t take how real it was,” and had many praises to share about the upcoming horror pic: “We’re elevating horror to the next level. This is gonna change the rules of the game,” he remarked.

Director Josh Stolberg, whose previous writing credits in the horror space include “Spiral,” “Jigsaw” and “Piranha 3D,” shared his firsthand experience being on set when the fainting occurred, passing along a gory preview of the scene.

Stolberg explained that the camera operator on the scene became nauseated to the point of passing out and caused the camera to crash onto the ground, which paused filming for half an hour before he regained his bearings. Written and directed by Stolberg, the film is slated to be a satire of influencer culture on social media, with classic horror elements.

In addition to starring, 50 Cent is producing the movie. His most recent on-camera appearances include his role as Kanan in the Starz series “Power” and “Power Book II: Ghost,” along with his high-profile cameo in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, performing his 2003 hit “In da Club” upside down.

Actor Neal Mcdonough and TikTok personality Bryce Hall, whose Sway House in Los Angeles is being used as a filming location for “Skill House,” also star in the movie.