Filmax has acquired international rights to Malaga Festival screener “Can’t Live Without You,” an erotic thriller from director Chus Gutierrez (“Return to Hansala”).

A Spanish-Mexican co-production, the pic features huge Mexican stars Maite Perroni and Mauricio Ochmann as well as Spanish actors Alfonso Bassave (“I Love You, Stupid”) and Pedro Casablanc.

The pic follows David, a successful businessman who who lives a peaceful life with his boyfriend, Alex, an attractive gym instructor. Their world turns upside down, however, when David’s sister Blanca comes back into his life. The estranged siblings haven’t seen each other in years since David cut off all ties with his sister after a dark incident in their past.

A former drug addict who spent six years in prison, Blanca is now clean, determined to get back the only family she has left and is prepared to do anything to get him to accept her back into his life.

“Can’t Live Without You” is “a journey into the feeling of guilt,” Gutierrez said. “It’s about learning how to forgive our mistakes and move on with life, or, on the contrary, totally denying that our actions have consequences until, sooner or later, the past inevitably catches up with you.”

Ivan Diaz, Filmax’s head of international, added: “This thriller, with an erotic edge, reminds me of those highly entertaining films from the 1990s. This type of film is really great to have in our catalogue, as it’s something that a lot of international clients are looking for.”

“Can’t Live Without You” is co-produced by Cádiz-based Esto También Pasará, Bowfinger International Pictures in Madrid and Mexico’s Expansión Films Entertainment and SDB Films.

Filmax, which releases the film in Spain on June 3, is presenting the film to buyers for the first time in Malaga with a market screening at the Yelmo Cinemas.