Alba Sotorra has teamed with Miramemira’s Andrea Vázquez, Spanish pubcaster TVE and Catalonia’s TVC to co-produce “Sica,” the first fiction feature of documentarist Carla Subirana , a 2012 Málaga Golden Biznaga winner for “Kanimambo” and director of “Nedar.”The film is included in Malaga’s Spanish WIP showcase.

The feature focuses on 13-year old Sica who lives on Costa da Morte, a Galician fishing shoreline known for its natural beauty and the danger of its coast. Passionate about the ocean, Sica waits for the waves to bring back the corpse of her father, a fisherman who perished at sea alongside her friend’s Leda. But that never happens – something Sica can’t accept.

As “the world’s corner,” this special landscape “joins two essential ideas: the transformation of a way of life of an entire community historically linked to the sea; and a reflection – if we do not reverse the current climatic trend, we will live on a planet with extreme droughts and floods, that is, natural violence wreaking violence on the most vulnerable people,” Sotorra told Variety.

The film’s producers define “Sica” as an “auterist coming-of-age feature whose main challenge is to captivate teen audiences.”

“‘Sica’ combines documentary and fiction techniques,” Subirana noted, adding: “with the magic that comes from the landscape – full of traditions and legends of its own – ‘Sica’ will present the fishermen and fisherwomen’s hard world seen through the eyes of a girl who faces the challenge of leaving behind her childhood fantasies, with the disenchantment that goes with it.”

Multi-prized Oliver Laxe’s regular DP Mauro Hercé, also a director (“Dead Slow Ahead”), will lens “Sica.” Casting mixes non-pro and professional actors such as Nuria Prims (Agustí Villaronga’s “Uncertain Glory”).

Galician firm Miramira produced Oliver Laxe’s Cannes Un Certain Regard winner “Fire Will Come” and Jaione Camborda’s “The Rye Horn.”

Founded in 2005 Alba Sotorra’s Cinema Productions is growing fast and has a strong presence at this year’s Málaga.

The company co-produced Adrián Silvestre’s “My Emptiness and I,” a fiction competition entry at Malaga, alongside Testamento and Promarfi. Director-producer Sotorra is competing at this year’s Malaga documentary showcase with “Francesca i l’amor,” (“Francesca and Love”) co-produced with Frédéric Corvez at Urban Factory and sold internationally by Paris-based Reservoir Docs.

Sotorra’s “The Return: Life after ISIS,” which world premiered at SXSX, nabbed A best documentary prize at Catalonia’s Gaudi Awards on March 6.

Her company is adding animation to its portfolio, with Sotorra’s production slate including “Rock Bottom,” a project presented this month at Bordeaux’s Cartoon Movie, directed by María Trenor and inspired by the music of the legendary ex-Soft Machine’s Robert Wyatt.