On-the-rise Spanish boutique sales company Feel Content has acquired a pair of features ahead of this month’s European Film Market: Finnish-Danish drama “Yellow Sulphur” – recently premiered at the Göteborg Film Festival – and French-Colombian co-production “The Rust,” a competition player at last year’s San Sebastian.

From Finnish director-writer-producer Claes Olsson, “Yellow Sulphur Sky” is adapted from Kjell Westö’s eponymous novel and produced by Solar Films, Nordic Film Pool and Smile Entertainment. The book and now film tell the story of Frej, a writer who revisits his own youth as a source of inspiration, forcing the author to face long-forgotten memories. Nordisk Film distributed the film across Scandinavia.

“I wanted to create a film with a sophisticated structure and full of emotions,” said Olsson. “In the end, love is the one thing that makes you remember your life.”

Colombian director Juan Sebastián Mesa’s (“Los nadie”) sophomore effort, “The Rust” follows Jorge, a young Colombian farmer working at a coffee plantation. Confronted by a growing plague which is ruining the harvest and feeling deeply alone – he is the last of his generation to stay in the rural countryside – the ghost of his past reemerges as local festivities approach, culminating in encounters with his first love and his childhood friends.

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Rust Credit: Alejandro Perez Ceferino

“This film is the collision between the rural and the urban spheres as seen from the point of view of someone who never left, and anxiously awaits to be reunited with a past that no longer exists,” said Mesa. “It is perhaps the answer to a series of questions that keep coming to my head: leaving, staying, not belonging, the longing for what will never be.”

Produced by Colombia’s Monociclo Cine and France’s Dublin Films, “The Rust” participated in Cannes’ Cinefondation and premiered at last year’s San Sebastian Festival in the New Directors section.

“Feel Content offers high quality movies from Europe and the Americas and we are pleased to include these two films in our line-up. Coming from such different countries and cultures, they allow us to bring together a diverse and rich portfolio of stories with unique perspectives.”

Other recent Feel Content pickups include Mariano Cattaneo’s Argentine fantasy “The Strangest Girl in the World” and Miguel Flatow’s “For Diego,” a family drama set in the world of Mexican soccer. Titles currently being distributed by the company include Uruguay’s Oscar pick “The Broken Glass Theory” and San Sebastian New Directors section standout “Josefina.”