SF Studios is set to co-finance and distribute “The Riot,” a Norwegian historical action film chronicling a miners’ uprising at the start of the 20th century.

Produced by Storyline NOR, the epic film is directed by Nils Gaup (“The Kautokeino Rebellion”), and stars Swedish actors Otto Fahlgren (“Beartown”) and Simon J. Berger (“Margrete – Queen of the North”).

Inspired by a true story, “The Riot” follows workers in copper mines located in the Arctic mountains, in a place nicknamed Lapland’s Hell, who rebelled against the powerful industrial company and its ruthless leader. Their revolt was the starting point of the Scandinavian labor movement.

“‘The Riot’ is a miniature of how greed, the exploitation of humans and nature lead society in the wrong direction,” said Gaup. “We want to make a film that shows that people can achieve great things when they stand together,” added the director.

Although conditions improved partly thanks to the massive uprising, there are still more than 12,000 workers who die every year in mining accidents.

“‘The Riot’ is an important story to tell. It is a fantastic historical material that is highlighted and revealed in the film. I’m very glad I can be part of this project, which will be a classic hero story,” said Berger, who also stars opposite Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Stig Henrik Hoff and Heidi Ruud Ellingsen.

“The Riot,” which started shooting on Wednesday, is the biggest independent Norwegian production ever, according to SF Studios.

Tom Vidar Karlsen, who is producing the film with Trond Eliassen at Storyline Nor, said the ambitious film was in development for a while. “The tragic events of what happened in Sulitjelma is well known to us who grew up nearby and now we can finally tell this story to a national and international audience,” added Karlsen.

The movie was produced in collaboration with GötaFilm, Handmade Films, Studio Locomotive, FilmCamp, Filmfond Nord, Film i Väst and Filminvest, as well as the support of the Swedish Film Institute.

“The Riot” is expected to be released in theaters in Norway in 2023 followed by an international release. SF Studios will handle Nordic distribution and REinvent is repping global sales.