A new film by Rudolph Herzog entitled “300 Trillion – The Debt Trap,” about the human stories behind world debt, has been acquired by documentary specialists First Hand Films.

Herzog, who is the son of Werner Herzog, says he was “stunned” to find that “the world’s debts have risen to a stunning 300 trillion U.S. dollars.”

“In the film, we go on a journey to discover the human stories behind those debts, not just to sound out the problem but to find solutions to the global debt crisis,” said Herzog. “I wanted to make a film that captures all aspects: tragedy, wonder at human folly, and stories of resilience and hope. ARTE, ARD and Neue Celluloid Fabrik proved to be excellent partners in this venture.”

Jürgen Kleinig of production company Neue Celluloid Fabrik added: “We start to developed the project a couple of years ago. In the course of the pandemic, global debt risen to unbearable levels and we realized that we have to produce it now.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Rudolph on this project and our with strong partners from ARTE and ARD,” continues Kleingig. “And we are very happy to have Esther on board for the intentional distribution.”

Herzog’s previous credits include “The Paedophile Next Door,” “How to Fake a War” and “Last Exit: Space.”

Esther van Messel’s First Hand Films is a producer, sales agent and theatrical distributor of documentaries, based out of Zurich and Berlin.

Watch a trailer for “300 Trillion” below: