Pulsar Content has boarded “The Rage,” Dimitri Dyachenko’s survival thriller set in the Russian taiga, believed to be the largest forest on the Earth.

The movie is produced by Hype Film, the Moscow-based banner behind “Petrov’s Flu,” “Sputnik,” “Leto” and “Persian Lessons.” The cast is headlined by Alexey Serebryakov, Vsevolod Volodin and Evgeny Tchachuk.

“The Rage” revolves around a father who brings his son to a cabin in the forest while the son suffers through withdrawal from his drug addiction. At the same time, a rabies outbreak occurs and the whole district is quarantined. The father/son relationship is challenged against the backdrop of both a heroin frenzy and the virus spreading among the local animals.

Pulsar will introduce the script to buyers at the European Film Market.

Now in post, the film is produced by Ilya Stewart, Pavel Burya and Murad Osmann of Hype Film, with Alexey Kasakov, Reserve Copy and NMG Studio.

“‘The Rage’ is an incredibly well-shot and tense feature, with very ambitious visual effects and great performances,” said Paris-based Pulsar Content, which previously teamed with Hype Film on “The Execution.” “This film will keep the audience on the edge of their seats and meets the current market needs perfectly.” Pulsar is headed by Marie Garrett and Gilles Soussa.

Stewart said “The Rage” marked the banner’s “second collaboration with writer and producer Alexey Kazakov, who wrote a script that will, without a doubt, leave the audience breathless and also explore very universal themes and topics.”

“Together with director Dmitriy Dyachenko, who has a proven track record at the box office, they have delivered a film that I believe has the ability to appeal to a global audience,” added Stewart.