Top European industry players including former senior executives from Pathé Films, Mikros, Wild Bunch Distribution and Warner Bros. have joined forces to launch a one-stop-shop production banner called N9ne Studio. The outfit plans to invest over €30 million ($31 million) over the next five years to fully finance content development.

The pan-European hub is being launched in association with Ikav Group, a thriving asset management company chaired by Constantin von Wasserschleben and headquartered in Germany with offices in Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the U.K., the U.S. and France. Advised by Cinecapital, Schubert Collin, RBB and Taylor Wessing, N9ne Studio will focus on the development and co-production of films and TV series.

The company is being created by Gilles Gaillard, the co-founder of Mikros Animation who collaborated on
“Sponge Bob” and ”Asterix;” the financiers Stéphane Marchi and Terry Keeley, producers Vincent
Roget (“Back to MoM”, “My Dog Stupid”), the former bosses of Pathé Films Romain Le Grand (“La Grande Belleza,””Carmen”) and Vivien Aslanian (“Les Tuches,””Simone”); Marc Gareton, Warner Bros.’s former EVP of international local production at Warner Bros.; Jerome Rougier, Wild Bunch’s former head of distribution; in association with Georges Kern, producer and Breitling CEO.

The new outfit will look to aggregate talented independent producers, writers, and directors working in animation, live action, premium series and documentaries. Besides helping filmmaking navigate the development phase, N9ne Studio will be involved in the marketing and sales of projects, working hand-in-hand with distributors and platforms. The company will leverage its funding and banking partnerships to finance these projects.

“With the exceptional upheaval of the film and TV market, N9ne Studio is an economic and creative facilitator for talent,” said Le Grand.

Roget said the “best premium projects of the future will likely be conceived by independent creators and
producers, but their access to development capital is limited in Europe.”

Gareton, meanwhile, said that in light of the “constant evolution of media consumption and evolving distribution platforms, the future of premium and super premium content needs an incubator where talents can create
and exchange.”

Gaillard also said “high-end animation content is in high demand but providing the right level of ambition and
quality requires integrated expertise that are difficult to access.” The executive said the company will be able to provide filmmakers with necessary “financial framework and support.” Marchi said the banner’s goal is to “implement a virtuous economic dynamic for our investors.”

Lastly, Von Wasserschleben said Ikav Group believes “N9ne Studio can make a difference within the creative community.” “We are confident to invest in what we believe to be the right business model with the right people at the right time,” added Von Wasserschleben.