Infilmpact and ODA Film have set a new feature documentary about the ongoing invasion in Ukraine titled “The War Behind Closed Doors.”

The project is officially supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA).

“The War Behind Closed Doors” tells the story of March 31, 2002, when Ukrainian armed forces liberated Kyiv from the Russian invaders. But the initial joy of victory was quickly followed by horror after seeing what was left of small towns in the Kyiv region.

“The whole world was shocked by what it saw: bullet-ridden cars, the bodies of local residents lying face down in the street, and obliterated homes and destinies,” reads the synopsis. “Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, and Vorzel – once flourishing small towns of the greater Kyiv region resisted the Russian onslaught in their assault on the capital, paying for it with their lives.”

The feature, which goes into production imminently, reconstructs the events that uncovered those horrors. “The War Behind Closed Doors” is set for release in 2023.

More details, including which Ukrainian figures and experts are taking part, are set to be announced soon.

Karl Hillbrick is producing “The War Behind Closed Doors” for Infilmpact. Oleksandr Halytskyi, produces for ODA film. Anna Halytskya is writing the feature doc.

“’The War Behind Closed Doors’ unambiguously presents what happened and how the everyday person survived, how their relationships changed, how they changed under the circumstances,” said Hillbrick. “However, the film will answer a question, and it was this that got my attention, compelling me to sign on. ‘The War Behind Closed Doors’ also crystalizes the resilience, tenacity, and determination of the Ukrainian people. Watching this film will help answer that lingering question we all have about the Ukrainian people; What is it about these people who were outnumbered, outgunned, and outmanoeuvred resist, repel, and then reclaim their homes and future?”

Halytskya said: “The uniqueness of this film is that here, through the memories of people, the terrible story of ‘The War Behind Closed Doors’ is revealed, where there was no chance of survival…we are living witnesses to the bloodiest and most senseless war of the millennium.”

Halytskyi added: “These terrible events have shown who is who, and for a long time will be the object of study and discussion in the world.”