The Playmaker Munich is launching sales in Cannes on the claustrophobic, real-time black comedy “Holy Shit!,” and have debuted the film’s international trailer. “Holy Shit!” will have its market premiere in Cannes on May 19.

Scriptwriter and director Lukas Rinker has “created an ultimate worst-case scenario that feels relatable yet unimaginable at the same time,” The Playmaker Munich said.

“Holy Shit!” won the Audience Award at its world premiere at the Hard:Line Film Festival this year, and was also shown at the Night Visions Film Festival and Fantaspoa, where it received an Honorable Mention for the “Best Blood (and Shit) Bath.”

In the film, architect Frank (Thomas Niehaus) regains consciousness in a locked portable toilet on a construction site where a detonation is being prepared. As he desperately tries to find ways of escaping this “prison” before potentially being blown to smithereens, he realizes who has put him in this predicament: none other than the corrupt and lecherous Mayor Horst (Gedeon Burkhard), who also has designs on Frank’s pregnant girlfriend Marie (Olga von Luckwald). Frank has to do everything in his power to get out alive, save his Marie and expose Horst’s crimes.

“Holy Shit!” is a German production by Neopol Film in co-production with Studio Hamburg Enterprises. The production was supported and funded by HessenFilm und Medien GmbH.

As well as “Holy Shit!,” The Playmaker Munich’s market premieres at the Cannes Market include the science fiction hit “Rubikon” by Magdalena Lauritsch, and family highlights “Young Winnetou and the Lost Buffalos” by Mike Marzuk and the new family comedy “Lucy Wanted” by Till Endemann. It will also present a preview of the upcoming highlight “The Black Spider” – a mystery horror by Markus Fischer.