Harvey Weinstein is set to be charged with two counts of indecent assault in the U.K.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) authorized the charges on Wednesday. They relate to an assault against a woman, now in her 50s, that took place in August 1996 in London.

“The CPS has authorized the Metropolitan Police to charge Harvey Weinstein with two counts of indecent assault against a woman in August 1996,” said Rosemary Ainslie, head of the CPS Special Crime Division. “Charges have been authorized against Harvey Weinstein, 70, following a review of the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police in its investigation.”

“The Crown Prosecution Service reminds all concerned that criminal proceedings against the defendant are active and that he has the right to a fair trial,” Ainslie added.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the news in a press release. “Detectives have been authorized by the Crown Prosecution Service to charge Harvey Weinstein, aged 70, (19.03.1952), with two counts of indecent assault against one woman in August 1996,” the release reads. “The CPS’ charging decision follows a review of the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police in its investigation.”

The news is the latest in a long line of legal woes for Weinstein, whose empire came crashing down when he was publicly accused of sexual assault in 2017. Following a lengthy trial in New York, the Oscar-winning producer was convicted in February 2020 and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Earlier this month a five-justice appeals court in New York upheld Weinstein’s conviction for rape and sexual assault. In response to the judgment, a spokesperson for Weinstein said he would consider appealing to New York state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, “and beyond.”

Weinstein is also awaiting trial in Los Angeles pertaining to 11 additional sex crime charges alleged by five women spanning the period between 2004 and 2013. A hearing will take place on Friday to determine a trial date, although the parties are anticipating it will be scheduled for September.

However, the first witness, Weinstein’s limo driver, gave evidence in February due to concerns for his health. Alfred “Freddy” Baroth’s testimony was mostly focused on trip records and invoices pertaining to Weinstein that took place or were issued between 2010 and 2013.

Weinstein is currently incarcerated in L.A.’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility. It is unclear whether he will travel to the U.K. to defend the charges in court.

Last month, the U.K.’s Crown Prosecution Service (similar to a District Attorney) authorized charges against Kevin Spacey regarding four counts of sexual assault that took place in the U.K. between 2005 and 2013. Spacey said he would “voluntarily appear” in the U.K. courts in an attempt to prove his innocence.