Deepak Chopra has boarded Vikas Khanna’s documentary short “Barefoot Empress” as executive producer.

In the film, Khanna, a Michelin starred chef and filmmaker, tells the story of 96-year-old Karthyayani Amma (pictured above) as she realizes her dream of getting an education by joining a first-grade class in India.

In the trailer she can be seen soaking up a lesson amidst a classroom of girls a tenth of her age. “I’m not ashamed to be sitting in a classroom with students of my great-grandchildren’s age,” she says.

Academy Award nominee Doug Roland produces the film, which will be used to raise funds for provision of high-quality education for girls in India’s underserved communities.

It has already helped refurbish and equip eleven classrooms in India and more are planned for the future.

“Barefoot Empress” was inspired by Khanna’s grandmother, who was also denied an opportunity for education.

“’Barefoot Empress’ carries a universal message of hope and perseverance that has the power to move viewers, and the momentum to impact the lives of thousands of girls in India,” Chopra said of the film.”

As well as qualifying for the Oscar shortlist, the project has already won a number of awards at film festivals including at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, where it picked up the Biogen Award.

Khanna’s previous film, “The Last Color,” won best narrative feature at the Dallas International Film Festival. Roland’s short “Feeling Through” was nominated in the Best Live Action Short Film category at the 93rd Academy Awards. Chopra is a world-renowned speaker and author.

Check out the trailer below: