Following, some potential Chilean highlights at Cannes:

“Beautiful Yet Mortal” (“Bella Cosa Mortal”), Nicolás Postiglione

An Oro Films-Whisky Content co-production about star-crossed lovers in an ultra-traditional German community in Southern Chile, from the director of the acclaimed “Immersion.” To shoot in late 2022.

Breaking and Entering” (“Allanamiento”), Tomás Gonzalez Matos

From Sanfic Industry Goes to Cannes, a police procedural where the deputy commissioner of the investigative police unit asks the commissioner to enter the prosecutor’s office and dispose of recordings implicating them in drug trafficking, torture and corruption. In post.

“Conditional,” Alvaro Diaz

A youth comedy from Juntos Films following Esteban who, in order to impact the girl he fancies, runs for president of his school’s student union. To his chagrin, he’s elected.

“Land of Savages” (“Salvajes”) Fernando Guzzoni 

Produced by Pablo Larrain’s Fabula, a thriller set in 1830 Chile centering on a slave owner haunted by nightmares and his dark past. When awake, he must face a mounting abolitionist movement that threatens his power and fortune.

“Luminescence,” Roberto Zamora

An eco-themed Suimanga Films production. In 2077 a woman carries a plant with her late girlfriend’s memories to an altar in the forest. Overcome by suppressed grief, she succumbs to her emotions.

“Our Memory” (“Nuestra Memoria”), Matías Rojas Valencia

A docu-fiction hybrid. The story of an elderly couple, survivors of the sect Dignity Colony, intersects with that of a former agent of  Pinochet’s  dictatorship in search of redemption. In post.

“Penal Cordillera,” Felipe Carmona

Produced by Cinestacion, a drama about the five most notorious torturers of Pinochet’s dictatorship who are serving hundreds of years in a high-end prison. When authorities tell them that they’re being transferred, they do everything in their power to stay put, unleashing chaos and violence. In post.

“The Birds” (“Los Pájaros”), Sebastian Muñoz

Produced by Marcela Santibanez’s Fantasma, the drama turns on four women whose disparate lives intersect.

“The Embassy” (“La Embajada”), Mateo Iribarren

Drama from Santa Cruz Prods. At Chile’s embassy in London, Ignacio finds his father’s diaries, explaining his suicide.

“The Island of Seagulls” (“Las Gaviotas”), Sebastian Ayala

LGBTQ-themed drama from Bruno Bettati’s Jirafa. A young boy from Valparaíso discovers a new family as he explores his artistic gifts and gender identity.

“The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo” (“La Misteriosa Mirada del Flamenco”), Diego Cespedes

An LGBTQ-themed drama set in a mining town where a strange illness is said to be transmitted between men who fall in love with each other. A young girl tries to protect her brother, a suspected carrier of the disease, from looming violence.

“We Call Ourselves the People” (“Nos Volvemos a Llamar Pueblo”), Colectivo Sabotaje

Doc-feature reflecting the voices and images of an incensed nation bent on change, set during Chile‘s 2019 social unrest.

“You Tell Me” (“Dímelo Tú”), Jacqueline Pepall

A Clara Films comedy. When Florencia’s estranged father wakes from a coma with 20 years of memories erased, she is given a second chance to salvage their relationship. But she must choose between coming out to him again or not – and risk losing her fiancée.