Altered Innocence has picked up all U.S. rights to Isabelle Stever’s sixth feature film “Grand Jeté” prior to its premiere on Friday in the Panorama section of Berlinale.

The film stars Sarah Nevada Grether as Nadja, a woman who has estranged herself from her young son in order to be able to concentrate on her ballet career. When she meets the son (played by rising star Emil von Schönfels), who grew up with her mother, again after years at a family party, an affection develops that goes far beyond motherly love. A release is planned for late 2022.

The deal was negotiated between Frank Jaffe from Altered Innocence and Matteo Lovadina from Reel Suspects.

Jaffe commented: “Director Isabelle Stever crafts an intense, but yet very intimate and lyrical film about one woman’s obsession with finding love and tranquility after an intense dancing career with an unlikely companion: her own son. Distributing a film that straddles the line between art-house and erotic drama is exactly one of the tenets of Altered Innocence and I’m thrilled to bring it to the United States from Germany.”

Lovadina added: “We are very excited to partner with Altered Innocence for the U.S. distribution of this cinematic gem. Isabelle’s ‘Grand Jeté’ blurs the lines of the unseen, turning upside down the standardized idea of the family drama.”

The Berlinale commented on the film: “There are no limits in Isabelle Stever’s new film. Nor are there any taboos. She does not judge, either. Just a mother and a son who gradually become closer, physically. Sarah Nevada Grether and Emil von Schönfels dare to do something that few actors are asked to do, and is seldom shown. Capturing their bodies in the half-light, out of focus, from above, and behind, the camera finds a visual language of disturbing semantics. Everything about this film is uncompromising and radical. Everything is an exception. And, in the end, what remains is the body of a mother.”

The screenplay is by Anna Melikova, based on the novel “Fürsorge” by Anke Stelling. It is produced by Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Frank Geiger and Armin Hofmann for Brave New Work in Germany.