Heretic, the Athens-based boutique production company and sales agent, has acquired world sales rights for “Working Class Heroes,” by director Miloš Pušić, which will have its premiere in the Berlin Film Festival’s Panorama strand. Variety has also been given exclusive access to the film’s trailer.

Starring award-winning Serbian actress Jasna Đuričić, who played the lead role in Jasmila Žbanić’s Oscar-nominated “Quo Vadis, Aida?,” “Working Class Heroes” follows a cold-hearted businesswoman working for a construction investor of dubious morals. Her main task is to oversee the illegal workers on the construction site and protect the image of the company at all costs.

But as they are brought face to face with the brutal reality of capitalism, the unpaid and exhausted workers have to take their fate in their own hands. When they decide to stand up for their rights, the construction site becomes the setting for a clash of social classes and morals.

“When we first watched ‘Working Class Heroes,’ we immediately felt the urgency to be part of their team and share this story with the world,” said Heretic co-founder and producer Giorgos Karnavas. “It carries a message that needs to be delivered. It is a film that places ordinary people in the spotlight to tell a wholesome story about the dark side of capitalism. And all that with a blackly comic tone and with Jasna Đuričić delivering once again a mesmerizing performance.”

“It took us a while to make this film,” said Pušić, who also shares a producing credit. “Working as a producer and a director at the same time puts you in a very specific position. As a producer you want the best possible deal for the film and as a director you want it to be understood and to reach the right people and right audience.

“Meeting the Heretic team made me believe that both of these are possible,” he continued. “From the first call it was clear that they see this film the same way as I do. Knowing that your partners are putting the story and filmmaking above everything else makes me sure that ‘Working Class Heroes’ is in good hands.”

“Working Class Heroes” was produced by Miloš Pušić for Altertise and co-produced by Jasna Đuričić, Boris Isaković, Predrag Momčilović, Aleksandar Đurica, Stefan Beronja, Bojana Milanović, Aleksandar Ramadanović, Filip Đurić, Miljena Vučković, Marina Sremac, and Ivan Knežević.