“Lost And Found” has closed first sales to Italy (Eagle Pictures), France (KMBO) and Taiwan (Creative Century Entertainment) on thriller “Lost and Found,” starring Álvaro Morte, “Money Heist’s” Professor, and directed by “The Head” helmer Jorge Dorado.

The caliber of the distributors – Eagle Pictures is one of Italy’s most muscular mainstream buyers, for instance – and the movie’s high-profile talent package confirm “Lost and Found” as a preeminent title in Spain’s currently most exportable product line: Upscale ambitious thrillers with a social-issue underbelly.

Filmax, “Lost and Found’s” sales company, screened a promo at Berlin’s European Film Market. The first sales news comes just before the film’s first market screening at a private event at Cannes.

In “Lost and Found,” Morte plays Mario, who leads a solitary existence working at a Lost and Found office. One day, a suitcase arrives, found at the bottom of a river. Investigating, Mario finally meets Sara, who’s been caught up in a human trafficking ring since a very young girl. 

China Suárez (“Abzurdah”), Veronica Echegui (“Let Yourself Go”) and Daniel Araoz (“The Man Next Door”) co-star.

“There’s a huge appetite for dark and powerful Spanish thrillers on the international market,” said Ivan Díaz, Filmax head of international. “We’re sure that the first market screening will bring more sales: This is one of the most anticipated titles at this year’s Marché du Film.”

“Lost & Found” is produced by Cristina Zumárraga and Pablo Bossi at Tandem Films, the Madrid-based production company, whose recent titles include award-winning comedy “Rosa’s Wedding” and toon feature sales hit “Turu, the Wacky Hen.”

Co-produced out of Spain, Argentina and Germany, “Lost & Found”’s other production partners take in Spain’s Setembro Cine (“A Fantastic Woman”), Argentina’s Pampa Films (“Chinese Take-Away”) and In Post We Trust (“Unknown Origins”), plus Germany’s Rexin Film, with the participation of Spanish public broadcaster RTVE, Amazon Studios and Germany’s ZDF.