Albertina Carri’s ‘White Roses Fall!’ Gets Production Backing From Argentina, Brazil, Spain and France (EXCLUSIVE)

Albertina Carri
Credit Alejandra Lopez

Argentina’s Gentil Cine and El Borde, Brazil’s Vitrine and Punta Colorada, Spain’s Doxa and French company 4a4 Productions have teamed for Albertina Carri’s seventh feature “White Roses, Fall!,” a gender-themed road-trip where the main characters include a porn filmmaker, a trans grandmother, non-binary grandchildren and lesbian clairvoyant vampires.

“White Roses, Fall!” centers on Violeta, a young film director who once made an exultant lesbian porn movie and is now hired to make a mainstream and ecological porn feature. She struggles with her ideas about genre and gender, which prevent her from shooting. Then she goes on the run with her feature debut’s actresses, finds a singular island and is struck by a new idea–she now wants to make a documentary about new formulas to express love.

Conceived as a collective project, this feature “requires multiple wills and resources. It will be shot in Argentina and Brazil, two countries with very unstable economies, which prompted us to seek international support. That’s where our European co-producers came in, not only in financial terms but adding creative and executive input as well,” said Eugenia Campos at Gentil Cine , producer of Mercedes Gaviria’s “The Calm after the Storm.”

Distribution in Brazil and Spain will be handled by S­ão Paulo and San Sebastián-based production and distribution company Vitrine.

Distinguished Argentine director Carri has to fate explored experimental techniques and fresh storytelling mechanisms. She has mostly worked within LGTBIQ+ territories in her films, eroding the boundaries between representation in documentary and fiction and deploying personal memories and Argentina’s recent history since Jorge Rafael Videla’s brutal dictatorship.

“I make films with the very matter of my body and my experience. They may derive from states of madness closer to sleep than to wakefulness, but they’ve always been the most honest thing I had to give in every case,” Carri told Variety, noting“By ‘honest’ I am not referring to some kind of truth, but to a tireless quest to account for a bleeding reality that hurts.”

“The opportunity to narrate a non-existent island –an ou-topia (nowhere)– is also an opportunity to exalt the freedom of the imagination. We take the power of Bosch’s fiction [pictured] as as an indispensable outburst and sensitivity towards life in community,” Carri said.

The “White Roses, Fall!” screenplay is penned by Carri, Agustín Godoy and Carolina Alamino.

Casting will include Argentine leads from Carri’s previous feature “The Daughters of Fire” ­­– Alamino, Mijal Katzowicz, Rocío Zuviría and María Eugenia Marcet. Producers are currently in talks with an iconic Spanish actress within the LGBTIQ+ community.

“White Roses, Fall!” shooting is scheduled for September to October 2022 in Buenos Aires, Misiones, SãoPaulo and Ilhabella.

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“White roses, Fall!” art concept/detail from Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” Courtesy of Albertina Carri