Key Spanish Titles at the EFM

Credit: Latido Films

Spain has two films in this year’s main competition at the Berlinale, and a record haul of films participating across all sections. Similarly, the country boasts an impressive list of productions looking for buyers at the festival’s EFM. Below, a list of standouts from Spain looking to make moves on the global market.

“Prison 77” (Alberto Rodríguez)

A potential jewel in Spanish cinema’s 2022 crown, “Modelo 77” is produced by Spanish pay TV-VOD giant Movistar Plus and Madrid-based Atípica Films, Rodríguez’s career-long producer. S.A. Film Factory

“Alcarràs” (Carla Simón)

In Berlin’s main competition, the much anticipated follow up to Simón’s “Summer 1993,” “Alcarrás” tracks the final harvest at a multi-generational family farm. Co-produced with Italy. S.A. MK2 Films

“The Beast” (Rodrigo Sorogoyen)

A Galicia-set thriller from Oscar-nominee Sorogoyen (“Mother”) and his regular co-scribe Esther Peña.

“Beyond the Summit” (Ibon Cormenzana)

Javier Rey and Patricia Lopez Arnaiz star in this mountain climbing metaphor for self-realization. S.A. Filmax

“The Belly of the Sea” (Agustí Villaronga)

An account of one of the ghastliest maritime wrecks in history, which swept main prizes at the 2022 Málaga Festival. S.A. Antidote Sales

“The Burning Cold” (Santi Trullenque)

On a war-torn border, young couple Antonio and Sara are expecting their first child. Films de l’Orient, Red Nose Productions, Arlong Productions produce. S.A. Filmax

“Code Emperor” (Jorge Coira)

Produced by Vaca for Netflix, the film turns on intelligence agent Juan tasked to dig up dirt, or create some, on a young politician. S.A. Netflix/Playtime

“The Communion Girl” (Víctor García)

An urban legend about a girl in a communion dress brought to the big screen in this revenge thriller. S.A. Film Factory

“Creatura” (Elena Martín Gimeno)

Vilaut Films, Avalon, Lastor Media and Elastica Films co-produce this young woman’s journey of self-exploration after moving in with her boyfriend.

“The Cuckoo” (Mar Targarona)

A vacation house swap goes wrong when one of the couples isn’t content just switching houses. S.A. Film Factory

“The Disappearance” (Rubén Alonso)

Alonso directs Marta Nieto and Miguel Ángel Solá in this powerful thriller wrapped around an unsolvable mystery. S.A. Soul Pictures

“The House Among the Cactuses” (Carlota Conzález-Adrio)

Based on Paul Pen’s U.S. novel “Desert Flowers” about an isolated family of five in the late ‘70s who are visited by a mysterious stranger. S.A. Filmax

“Josefina” (Javier Marco)

Middle-aged prison guard Juan (Roberto Álamo) pretends his fictional daughter is incarcerated to meet Berta (Emma Suarez), who’s real son is locked up. S.A. Fell Content

“Lullaby” (Alauda Ruiz De Azúa)

Playing in Berlin’s Panorama, turns on Paula who moves back in with her own ailing mom and is surprised by the similarities she shares with her mom when she was Paula’s age. S.A. Latido

“Maixabel” (Icíar Bollaín)

Believing everyone deserves a second chance, a widow meets face-to-face with her husband’s killers. A Kowalski Films-Feelgood co-production. S.A. Film Factory

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Maixabel Credit: David Herranz/Film Factory

“La Maternal” (Pilar Palomero)

Barrixica, Inicia Films and Bteam Productions team on this story of a pregnant teenager who visits a center for others like her and prepares for life after giving birth.

“Matria” (Álvaro Gago)

A former Variety talent to track, Gago makes his feature debut with this Galicia-set tale of motherhood. S.A. New Europe Film Sales

“O Corno do Centeno” (Jaione Camborda)

Set in ’71, María assists women with childbirth and occasionally abortions. After a failed attempt at the latter which leaves a woman dead, she flees.

“On the Fringe” (Juan Diego Botto)

Penelope Cruz and Luis Tosar headline this social thriller that takes place in a single day that will forever impact the lives of its protagonists. S.A. Bank­side Films

“One Year, One Night” (Isaki Lacuesta)

An ambitious Spain-France co-production playing in competition at Berlin about the Bataclan terrorist attack and its lasting impact on a couple. S.A. Studiocanal

“Our Father” (David Pantaleón)

Two brothers who hate one another are tasked in their father’s dying wish to embark on a 100 km journey with seven prized goats. S.A. Begin Again Films

“Piggy” (Carlota Pereda)

One of the buzziest titles in Spain, this Sundance hit is a “formidable debut,” according to Variety’s Guy Lodge. S.A. Charades

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Piggy Credit: Morena Films

“The Radio Amateur” (Iker Elorrieta)

Nokolas, 30, with autism and alone after his mother’s death, heads for the sea, enlisting his only childhood friend. S.A. Begin Again Films

“Samsara” (Lois Patiño)

Produced by Señor y Señora with Goya-winning DP Mauro Herce attached, this project follows a spirit through reincarnation as a goat in Tanzania.

“The Signing” (Diego Fernández Pujol)

A trans-Atlantic soccer drama with Antonio de la Torre attached to star from Parking Films and Barcelona’s Soul Pictures. S.A. Soul Pictures

“Skin in Flames” (David Martín-Porras)

L.A.-based Spanish filmmaker Martín Porras’ adapts this political thriller from an award-winning play of the same name. S.A. Latido

“Stories Not to Be Told” (Cesc Gay)

A superstar cast of Latin talent unite to present five relatable stories which will have audiences’ skin crawling. S.A. Filmax

“They Carry Death” (Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado)

A Venice Critics’ Week premiere, dual stories set in 1492 about confronting death head-on. S.A. Bendita

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They Carry Death Courtesy of Bendita Film Sales

“Tobacco Barns” (Rocío Mesa)

A fantastic film set in rural Spain about two children who experience a vastly different summer despite sharing the same surroundings.

“What Lucia Saw” (Imanol Uribe)

Written by Daniel Cebrián, the film turns on the murder of six Jesuits peace advocates and two maids on the UCA El Salvador Campus in San Salvador in 1989. S.A. Latido

“A Whale” (Pablo Hernando)

Señor y Señora and Sayaka Producciones in Spain and France’s La Fabrica Nocturna produce this fantasy thriller about an assassin who can move between two worlds. S.A. Latido