In DreamWorks’ “The Bad Guys,” Marc Maron voices Mr. Snake, the second-in-command of a group of criminal animals attempting to pull off a major heist. However, Maron admitted to Variety at the film’s premiere on Tuesday in Los Angeles that he doesn’t like animated movies.

“I’m not a big animated movie guy, my sense of animation goes back to when I was in high school and Ralph Bakshi’s ‘Wizards’ came out,” Maron said, referencing the 1977 sci-fi film. “So my point of reference is a little stale. But this one was good!”

And then later this year, Maron will be voicing legendary comic book villain Lex Luthor in “DC League of Super-Pets.” “They wanted me to be dry and sarcastic,” Maron said. “So I played it kind of like me, but with a little more of a bite. That one, I didn’t even realize it was a big movie. They were just like, ‘Do you want to do this voice for Lex Luthor?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah!’ I thought it was a TV series, but now it’s going to be a huge movie. I should probably research more.”

Meanwhile, Maron’s “The Bad Guys” co-stars proved to be major animation lovers as they discussed their favorite toon villains on the big screen.

Anthony Ramos, who plays the short-fused Mr. Piranha in “The Bad Guys,” chose the tyrannical Lord Farquaad in “Shrek.”

“He’s legendary, bro,” Ramos told Variety. “He’s like the smallest, most evil dude. The hair, everything. He’s legendary.”

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DreamWorks Animations Chief Creative Officer Kristen Lowe, Executive Producer Etan Cohen, Producer Rebecca Huntley, Anthony Ramos, Zazie Beetz, Director Pierre Perifel, Producer Damon Ross, Composer Daniel Pemberton, DreamWorks Animations President Margie Cohn, Marc Maron and Lilly Singh attend as DreamWorks Animation presents the special screening of The Bad Guys at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on April 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA.
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Zazie Beetz and Lilly Singh both share a favorite villain in Scar, the devilish, Shakespearean schemer from Disney’s “The Lion King.” They have different reasons for their love of the animated lion, though. For Singh, the character has stuck with her because he gave her many nightmares throughout her childhood.

“Scar is the one that upset me the most, where I couldn’t sleep,” Singh said. “Everything from his body language to his facial expressions, he just haunts me at night. So that’s a good villain.”

Beetz, on the other hand, loves the character because she sees him as a complex, three-dimensional force in the Pride Lands.

“He’s quite complicated and complex; I wouldn’t mind seeing an origin story of why he landed where he landed,” Beetz said. “There’s a lot of deep pain and hurt, and I just find it interesting.”

“The Bad Guys” director Pierre Perifel, whose favorite animated villain is Syndrome from “The Incredibles,” told Variety at the premiere that DreamWorks execs hope the film is the start of a franchise.

“There’s definitely potential for more,” Perifel said. “We’re trying to gauge if this movie actually captures the imagination of the public enough, or the audience enough. But if it’s the case, I’m down for it, of course. I love this gang of characters.”

“The Bad Guys” hits theaters on April 22.