Academy Sends Member Survey for Oscars Feedback on Pre-Televised Categories, Fan Favorite Prize

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Michael Buckner for Variety

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is asking for feedback from its members on some of the 2022 Oscars’ most controversial aspects, including the decision to pre-record eight artisan categories and debut a fan favorite prize.

The survey, obtained by Variety, first asks seven questions about members’ overall experience at the Academy, including what they could improve upon as an organization and how they could make the film industry more inclusive. The second part of the survey focuses completely on this year’s Will Packer-produced ceremony, which was one of the most controversial to date due to Will Smith infamously slapping Chris Rock, as well as the Academy’s decision to cut several artisan categories, including film editing, score and production design, from the live show. The Academy also introduced the fan favorite prize this year in an effort to capture more viewers. Voted on via Twitter, the prize was ultimately awarded to Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead.”

One question asks, “Eight awards were presented and recorded at the Dolby Theatre an hour prior to the start of the telecast and then edited into the live Oscars ceremony. Which of the following is closest to your view?” The answer options include:

  • Pre-recording and editing in some award presentations during the show worked this year and the Academy should do it again this way next year.
  • Pre-recording or early presentation of some awards could work, but not the way it was done this year. The Academy needs to go back to the drawing board on this.
  • The Oscars were fine the way they were before. The Academy should not pre-record any awards and should instead present all the awards live.
  • The Oscars need an overhaul, and the format of the show should be reconsidered.
  • No opinion

Another question asks about the Oscars fan favorite category — which received mixed reviews from pundits and fans alike — with the answer options being:

  • The Oscars Fan Favorite helped get fans engaged and excited about this year’s Oscars and it should be continued.
  • The Oscars Fan Favorite is a good idea but should be improved.
  • The Oscars Fan Favorite should not continue.
  • No opinion

The Academy did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

Deadline Hollywood was the first to report the news of the survey.