Taiwan- and Los Angeles-based Organic Media Group will launch rights sales in Cannes for “Gimme My Money,” a female-led, kung-fu action comedy.

The film, which completed principal photography last week in Los Angeles, stars Marci Miller, Raymond J. Barry and veteran Chinese-American actor, James Hong. Hong will receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday.

Written and directed by Bill Vigil, “Gimme My Money” is about a tough, mysterious woman who calls on the mob to collect and makes sure that this time, crime is going to pay.

Production is by OMG and GPS and Silver Streak Entertainment, with Jane Austin’s Hollywood Stuntworks providing the action crew. Austin (“Star Trek: Insurrection,” “Avatar: The Way of Water”) takes producer and stunt coordinator credits alongside producer Shari Hamrick. She led the on-set production and will now oversee post-production to ensure delivery by the third quarter of 2022.

Other credits go to Jesse Aragon as cinematographer, Jason Stewart as film editor, Morgan Jordan as costume designer, Kelly de la Cerda and Breeanne Marie in make-up.

The picture is the third to pair OMG with film funding partner GPS’s executive
Mick S. Grewal, Sr.

Attending Cannes, sales agent Jay Joyce from Level 33 Entertainment, will be selling OMG’s TV titles mentioned above. OMG principal, Steve Chicorel, will lead foreign and domestic sales for “Gimme My Money.”

“When Steve and I asked buyers what works best in their market, the answer was smart, fun, wall-to-wall action movies and that’s what we have in ‘Gimme My Money’,” said Grewal.

“Combining comedy and action in this smart script that Bill Vigil created is going to result in an action-packed crowd-pleaser,” said Austin.