New release titles “Alienoid” and “Minions: The Rise of Gru” dominated business at the South Korean box office over the weekend.

“Alienoid,” a sci-fi fantasy about the search for a legendary sword across different eras, opened on Wednesday and consistently, but narrowly, bested its animated rival.

“Alienoid” earned $5.19 million between Friday and Sunday for a 32% market share, having played on more than 1,800 screens. Over the five days from release it has amassed $7.37 million.

“Minions” earned $4.58 million between Friday and Sunday, for a 29% market share, having played on close to 1,400 screens. Its five-day cumulative is $6.29 million.

“Top Gun Maverick,” which the previous weekend bounced back to the top of the chart, fell to third place. In its fifth weekend of release, it dropped by 34% to record $3.68 million and a 23% market share. Since release on June 22, “Top Gun Maverick” has accumulated $53.0 million, making it the second highest scoring film of the year to date and the top Hollywood title.

Aggregate nationwide box office over the weekend was $16.1 million. That was in line with the new norm established since the beginning of May, when COVID restrictions were largely lifted in Korea.

“Decision to Leave,” Park Chan-wook’s art-house thriller, made $1.14 million over the weekend and took fourth place. That compared with $1.73 million and third place a week earlier. After four weekend on release, the Cannes competition title has accumulated $11.8 million.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” fell from second place to the fifth spot. It earned $593,000 in its third weekend of release in Korea, down a hefty 82% on the previous weekend. Since July 6, it has accumulated $22.2 million.

Lower places belonged to: “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween,” with $509,000 for a 12-day cumulative of $2.75 million; “The Roundup,” with $74,000 for a 2022-leading $100 million cumulative;
“Elvis,” with $56,000, for a $632,000 12-day total; and Japanese new release “It’s A Summer Film,” which took $44,000 over the weekend and $81,000 over the five days since its Wednesday debut.

A nine-screen preview for “Hansal: Rising Dragon” earned $33,000. The period action drama will open wide on Wednesday.