Rose Byrne’s array of credits includes a wide range of projects, from comedies such as “Neighbours” and “Bridesmaids” to historical dramas including “Mrs. America” and superhero pics “X-Men: First Class,” horror films and gems “Juliet, Naked.” Now, her production company Dollhouse Pictures has “Seriously Red,” being sold by Arclight Films at the EFM. The film, written and starring Krew Boylan (another Dollhouse principal), follows Red, a vivacious and at times misguided redhead who trades in her real estate career to become a full-time Dolly Parton impersonator. Film stars Boylan, Byrne, Bobby Cannavale (Byrne’s real-life partner) and Daniel Webber. 

Byrne noted that “it’s a very unique story. And it also has the classic kind of hallmarks of Australian films” that spotlight the underdog. “The underdog is a huge part of Australian culture and we always for the underdog to succeed, and that’s one of our essential stories.” This film, she added, “embraces that but with a very modern twist. It’s a lot about gender, a lot about fluidity, a lot about identity. … 

“A kind of love letter of Dolly Parton — she is sort of only thing anyone can agree on it these days.” 

The film premieres at SXSW, a big win for Dollhouse, while Arclight is selling at the EFM. “It’s really the emphasis for us to band together and make the company to be honest. My oldest and closest friend has written this incredible screenplay” so the next thought was “how can we get this made?”  

They shot in 2020. “The pandemic was raging internationally but Australia at that point was still quite cut off and had very little COVID. … it was quite extraordinary to all be in the Northern Rivers area of Australia. … everybody had an incredible attitude and it was a small movie with a lot of love and a lot of heart behind it and you feel it in the film,” she said. 

As for Parton, Byrne said, “It’s really extraordinary. Her her legacy as a songwriter is unparalleled and the narrative she brought to music from the female perspective is truly amazing.”

Byrne also stars in Apple TV Plus’ “Physical,” which will adds fellow Aussie Murray Bartlett to the cast for Season 2.