Mark Feuerstein, Neal McDonough, Dermot Mulroney, Christopher Lloyd Starring in ‘Man in the Long Black Coat’ (EXCLUSIVE)

(Left to right): Mark Fuerstein, Neal McDonough, Dermot Mulroney and Christopher Lloyd
Getty Images

Actors Mark Feuerstein , Neal McDonough, Dermot Mulroney and Christopher Lloyd will star in the neo-western crime-thriller, “Man in the Long Black Coat,” from director Salvador Litvak.

Feuerstein is best known for starring in “Royal Pains”; McDonough for his turn in Paramount’s “Yellowstone” series and for his work on “Justified”; Mulroney for his appearance in the newly-released “Scream 6” film and “My Best Friend’s Wedding”; and Lloyd for his iconic turns in Robert Zemeckis’ “Back to the Future” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

“Man in the Long Black Coat” centers around a troubled adolescent who is framed for murder and the detective who attempts to prove his innocence by uncovering the true killer.

“’Man in the Long Black Coat’ is a stylish, widescreen neo-noir-western thriller,” Litvak said of the ongoing project. “I want to make the high desert of 2022 as iconic as John Ford’s Monument Valley. Strip malls, subdivisions, power lines, solar farms and highways, will take their place alongside sierra hills, arroyos, tumbleweeds, hawks and tortoises to etch this environment in the audience’s memory.”

The upcoming project marks Litvak’s third feature, with prior directorial works including 2013’s “Saving Lincoln” and 2006’s “When Do We Eat?” The Santiago-born filmmaker co-wrote “Man in the Long Black Coat” with his wife and long-time writing partner Nina Davidovich Litvak.

LB Entertainment’s Lee Broda (“A Private War”) is lead producer on the film and is collaborating with producers Aimee Schoof and Isen Robbins from Intrinsic Value Films. LB Entertainment’s Natalie Marciano will co-produce the feature. LB is known for “Call Jane,” “The Card Counter” and “Lansky.” Schoof and Robbins previously produced “The Last Thing Mary Saw” and “Experimenter.” Natalie Marciano also of LB Entertainment will co-produce.

Production is currently underway in Santa Clarita, California. An official release date has yet to be announced.

Feuerstein is represented by UTA, Industry Entertainment and Ziffren Brittenham; McDonough by Luber Roklin Entertainment; Mulroney by Paradigm, Luber Roklin Entertainment; and Lloyd by Gersh.