What was the most popular Super Bowl LVI ad? According to YouTube, the No. 1 most-watched spot on Sunday was Amazon’s portrayal of Alexa wreaking havoc on the domestic bliss of Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost.

Johansson and Jost, who famously wed after meeting on “Saturday Night Live,” imagine what it would be like if Alexa could actually read their minds. In short, the couple discover that the truth hurts.

Celebrities also featured prominently in several of Sunday’s other top Super Bowl ads as measured by YouTube views.

Those included Zach Braff and Donald Faison (former “Scrubs” costars) and Miley Cyrus in ads for T-Mobile; Eugene Levy, along with Catherine O’Hara, Brie Larson, Danai Gurria and Dave Bautista, for Nissan; Idris Elba for Booking.com; “Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddington for shopping app Rakuten; and Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Zeus) and Salma Hayek (as Hera) for BMW.

Also scoring high on YouTube’s 2022 Super Bowl ads ranking was Universal Pictures, landing on the list with the trailers for “Jurassic World: Dominion” and Jordan Peele’s forthcoming thriller “Nope.”

Top Super Bowl LVI Ads by Gameday Views on YouTube (Worldwide)

1. Amazon: “Mind Reader” with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

2. T-Mobile – Zach Braff and Donald Faison Sing a Duet for Home Internet

3. Universal Pictures – “Jurassic World: Dominion” Official Trailer

4. Universal Pictures – “Nope” Official Trailer

5. T-Mobile – Miley Cyrus Sings a Song for 5G Phones

6. Nissan – Nissan Presents: Thrill Driver

7. Booking.com – Idris Elba Says Things

8. Rakuten – “High Stakes”

9. BMW – “Zeus & Hera”

* Ranking for views on Feb. 13 through 10 p.m. ET

As it has done for the last several Super Bowls, YouTube aggregated the telecast’s spots in the AdBlitz hub. According to Google, the most-searched ads during the game in the U.S. were for Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Doritos, Coinbase (which used its 60-second spot to feature a QR code linking to its site) and Chevy.