Saltbox TV, a production company and advertising-supported streaming service for older adults, has signed with Buchwald for representation in their unscripted division.

Buchwald, one of the leading talent agencies, has a roster of clients that includes Ralph Macchio, Kristin Davis, Kimberly Elise, Neal McDonough, Simon Rex and George Takei, as well as corporate clients.

Saltbox TV was co-founded by husband and wife duo Jerry Goehring and Patty Carver. Goehring is the producer of Broadway shows such as “A Christmas Story, the Musical” and “Be More Chill,” and Carver is a performer and writer. Saltbox TV is focused on creating originals featuring older renowned artists to attract an intergenerational audience. The service is free and also does not require users to have login or passwords, an important feature for the founders.

“We didn’t want any passwords,” Goehring told Variety in an August article. “There are so many of them. It’s hard to keep track.”

The company currently has both scripted and unscripted series in development. “Silver Stars,” announced in Variety, was one of Ed Asner’s last major projects before his death. The show is focused on talent show contenders who are all over the age of 65. The goal, Carver and Goehring say, is to shine a light on a talent base constantly overlooked in favor of something shiny and new.

“What we discovered is there’s a lot of ageism in Hollywood and ageism in the arts,” says Goehring. “It doesn’t make sense. It’s the country’s largest demographic, and they have the most expendable income, but there’s not a lot of programming for them. We want to change that.”