TikTok… boom!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the multihyphenate who composed eight songs for Disney’s “Encanto” soundtrack, gave thanks to TikTok users who have made hits like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” go viral on the platform — and helped push the film’s album to the top of the charts worldwide.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for all of your outstanding videos featuring songs from ‘Encanto’ that have helped make it one of the top soundtracks on TikTok and all over the world,” Miranda said in a video shared by TikTok’s PR team.

He cited TikTokers’ “truly surreal and incredible ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ dances” and “the heartfelt stories set to ‘Dos Oruguitas.'” The latter song is nominated for an Oscar, while Disney did not submit “Bruno” for consideration.

Miranda continued, “It’s amazing what you’ve done and the way you guys have taken these songs and been inspired by them and made amazing artwork of your own — and I’m truly grateful.”

Since becoming a hit on TikTok, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has become the biggest Disney animated musical success on the Billboard Hot 100 in nearly 30 years. The soundtrack has been at No. 1 for nine weeks.

“Encanto” videos have gone viral on TikTok, with five different songs from the movie trending on the platform. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has seen the most use with more than 1 million TikTok videos using the song as their soundtrack, including in a recreation of the film’s dance‘Encanto’ inspired cake decorations and cosplays. Stephanie Beatriz, who voices Mirabel in the film, also joined in on the trend with a TikTok channeling her inner Felix and Pepa and a video clip from her “Encanto” audition.

Acoustic ballad “Dos Oruguitas” has been used in more than 33,000 TikTok videos, while “The Family Madrigal,” “Surface Pressure” and “What Else Can I Do?” have been used 311,900, 169,600 and 111,400 times respectively. Other trends surrounding the film have also sprung up on TikTok, including the #candle trend, in which creators blow out the family candle as Mirabel does in the movie.

Miranda does not have an active TikTok account himself. In a September 2019 tweet, he wrote, “I created a tiktok account for like 5 seconds. It did this to my face, I screamed, deleted the account and threw the phone across the room. So that’s that.”