Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac to Star in Spotify Podcast Thriller ‘Case 63’

Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac - Case
Brian Bowen Smith; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac will headline Spotify’s newest scripted original podcast, “Case 63,” set to launch later in 2022. Both Moore and Isaac also serve as executive producers on the podcast.

“Case 63” follows psychiatrist Eliza Knight (Moore), who records the sessions of an enigmatic patient, registered as Case 63 (Isaac), who claims to be a time traveler. What begins as routine therapeutic sessions quickly turns into a story that threatens the boundaries of the possible and the real.

The series, plans for which Spotify announced last fall, is an adaptation of “Caso 63,” Spotify’s most-listened-to scripted original podcast in Latin America, originally produced in Santiago, Chile. The epic conclusion of “Caso 63’s” story of Pedro Roiter and Dra. Aldunate is coming soon, as it returns for its third and final season later this year in its Spanish and Portuguese versions.

“Caso 63” marks the first time a Spotify original podcast from one of its non-English markets has been adapted into multiple languages, including the English version starring Moore and Isaac.

The English-language “Case 63” is produced by Spotify’s Gimlet studio, Moore’s production company FortySixty and Isaac’s Mad Gene Media. The series is directed by Mimi O’Donnell and produced by Katie Pastore. “Caso 63” was created and originally written by Julio Rojas.

“Caso 63” ranked No. 1 in Spotify’s top podcast charts for nearly a month in Argentina and Mexico after its Nov. 12, 2020, premiere. It also was the top-trending podcast in five countries: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and the U.S. “Paciente 63,” the Brazilian adaptation, ranked No. 1 in the country’s local trending podcasts chart for more than two weeks after its premiere in July 2021. In India, “Virus 2062,” released in September, reached No. 1 on Spotify’s local trending chart and was in the top five on Spotify’s local top podcasts charts.