Alec Baldwin and his company El Dorado Pictures are teaming on true-crime podcast “Art Fraud,” in a co-production with iHeartRadio and Cavalry Media.

Baldwin narrates the eight-episode series, which chronicles the fall of The Knoedler, among the oldest and most-revered art galleries in New York City. The producers promise never-before-heard interviews with the mastermind behind the long con. “Art Fraud” is written by Michael Shnayerson and based on his Vanity Fair article,

The podcast is slated to premiere Feb. 1. “Art Fraud” being marketed and distributed by iHeartMedia’s iHeartPodcast Network with subsequent episodes released weekly on iHeartRadio and other major podcast platforms.

“Art Fraud” tells the story of how an unassuming woman walked through the door of the Knoedler with a canvas under her arm allegedly painted by the abstract expressionist master Mark Rothko — the start of a 17-year relationship that would result in the sale of nearly 40 paintings from the likes of Motherwell, de Kooning and Jackson Pollack totaling more than $80 million that all turned out to be counterfeit.

Both Baldwin and Shnayerson serve as executive producers along with Cavalry Media’s Matt DelPiano and Keegan Rosenberger, as well as Andy Terner. Branden Morgan, senior podcast producer at Cavalry Audio, serves as producer with Zach McNees as well as Nikki Ettore and Lindsay Hoffman for the iHeartPodcast Network.

Cavalry Audio’s podcasts have included “Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin,” “Daddy Issues” with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson, “Modasucka” with Michael Blackson, “Can You Survive This Podcast?” with Clint Emerson,” and “Verdict,” its first scripted podcast.

Listen to the trailer for “Art Fraud”: