ReFrame, the coalition founded by Women in Film and Sundance Institute, has joined forces with Teal Media to launch ReFrame ReSource, a new research hub with advocacy resources, best practices and research not proprietary to any single company or studio.

Andria Wilson Mirza, director of ReFrame said, “Many respondents identified that their employers were making commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, but they lacked the tools, resources or training to make the realities of the commitment. This gave us a clear call to action for the next phase of ReFrame’s work.”

Developed with Teal Media, ReFrame ReSource is an open-source and iterative online resource. The hub builds upon a research-based action plan to deliver culture change resources directly to those within the industry.

The site will launch with more than 100 individual tools that align with key choice points in a film or television project’s life cycle. It will be updated on a continuous basis as new research and best practices are developed.

“The Woman King” producer and ReFrame co-founder Cathy Schulman added, “When ReFrame launched our Culture Change Toolkit and Production Roadmap to mitigate bias five years ago, it provided an entry point for individuals and companies eager to understand how their processes and practices were creating barriers to equity.” She went on to say, “In our fieldwork, we consistently heard feedback from producers and executives that they still lacked practical tools for making day-to-day operational changes that could disrupt the biased status quo.”

Schulman continued, “The ReFrame ReSource has been created as a navigational tool for changemakers. It’s about making support and practical tools readily available and easy to use so decision makers can move past excuses and justifications to activate sustainable systemic change.”

Learn more at https://reframeresource.com/