Elon Musk will resign from Endeavor’s board of directors effective June 30, according to the company’s annual SEC filing.

“We thank Elon Musk for his commitment to Endeavor through our first year as a public company, in which he contributed meaningfully to our long-term strategy and vision for the future of sports and entertainment,” a spokesperson for Endeavor said in a statement to Variety. “We know he has a lot of demands and little time, and we appreciate the support he provided us.”

The SEC report states that Musk notified the talent and media company of his resignation on March 12, and it was not due to any type of dispute. “In connection therewith, the board of directors approved reducing its size from eight to seven members subject to and effective upon the effectiveness of Mr. Musk’s resignation. Mr. Musk’s resignation was not the result of any disagreement with the Company on any matter relating to its operations, policies or practices,” the report reads.

Musk joined Endeavor’s board in March 2021, when it filed for IPO. Just over a month later, Endeavor went public on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is led by CEO Ari Emanuel and executive chairman Patrick Whitesell, representing sports entities such as the NHL and NFL as well as owning UFC and the Miss Universe pageant.

Musk is the founder, CEO and chief engineer at SpaceX, as well as the CEO of Tesla. He has also founded The Boring Company, an infrastructure business, and has co-founded neuro-technology company NeuraLink and AI research lab OpenAI. This month, Musk was named the wealthiest person in the world, according to Bloomberg and Forbes.