International shoots looking to France can benefit from more than a few structural incentives. Below are a handful of tools put in place to welcome foreign production.

• Regional Funds: 32 local film commissions, present in all territories (including overseas territories), facilitate production needs and interface with municipal authorities.

• Digital Database: 20,000 locations registered on locations.filmfrance.net, listing historical sites, natural settings and production facilities.

• TRIP Scheme: 30% across-the-board tax rebate for international productions, capped at €100 million ($105.2 million) in eligible expenses per project, with option to pre-finance and flexible organization.

• VFX Bonus: 10% increase to tax rebate, granting 40% return on eligible expenses after $2.1 million VFX spend.

Film France: One-stop shop for production concerns, consulting on live action, animation, VFX and post-production work and assessing TRIP eligibility applications.

• Public Support: Robust political goodwill and ongoing public investment in production infrastructure projects.

• Technical Expertise: Highly trained crews with strong international experience and competitive base rates.

• Social Responsibility: Industry-wide harassment-prevention and sustainability training, with focus on climate concerns and eco-responsible practices.

• Production Facilitators: Network of experienced line producers attuned to international requirements and adept with local regulations.