Bruce Springsteen Catalog Sale Could Bring a Flood of Ad Syncs — and We Have Some Modest Proposals (Column)

Here are some helpful ideas for ad usages that Sony Music could license the Boss' classic songs for, from cosmetics to trucks to realtor sites.

Bruce Springsteen
Danny Clinch

The sale of Bruce Springsteen’s catalog to Sony Music Publishing — part of a deal that also includes his master recordings, estimated to have cost Sony around $500 million overall — could mean his body of work will be exploited for considerably more commercial licensing. But what sort of syncs are his songs specifically suited for? We have a few suggestions, because we do like to help a publisher out when they’ve just emptied their pockets.

Some modest proposals for Springsteen ad syncs waiting to happen:

“If I Should Fall Behind”: Lifeline
For when you’ve fallen behind and you can’t get up.

“Mansion on the Hill”: Zillow
You know you want it.

“Working on a Dream”: Lunesta
Because the working class shouldn’t have to work so hard at just getting a little shut-eye.

“Prove It All Night”: Viagra
Because the night is made for prove-it-all-nighters.

“Blinded by the Light”: Ring Floodlight Cams
Potential prowlers will be lit up like a douche into the middle of the night, or something like that.

“I’m on Fire”: Prilosec
Does it feel like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of your digestive tract? Well, there’s a cure for that.

“Brilliant Disguise”: Estee Lauder
God have mercy on the man who doubts she’s going to look that good once the concealer comes off.

“Ramrod”: Viagra
(See: “Prove It All Night.”)

“Devils & Dust”: Dirt Devil Vacuums
Woody Guthrie lived in a Dust Bowl, but you shouldn’t have to.

“Kitty’s Back”: Pet Chip Registry
Well, who’s that down at the end of the alley? She’s been gone so long. Here she comes, here she comes!

“Drive All Night”: Viagra
(See: “Ramrod.”)

“The Ties That Bind”: Glad Tall Kitchen Bags
In garbage, as in love, avoid messy disasters.

“Wreck on the Highway”: Honda’s Automatic Braking System
Everyone loves a good, tragic cautionary tale.

“My Beautiful Reward”: Morongo Casino Resort & Spa
Slots heaven: it’s less than a two-hour drive from L.A., you know.

“No Surrender”: Viagra
(See: “Drive All Night.”)

“The Ghost of Tom Joad”: Ram Trucks
Think how much more reliable the Joad family’s road trip west would have been with Ram. Wherever there’s a jalopy breaking down on the side of the road, they’ll be there, for a test drive.

“Tougher Than the Rest”: Ram Trucks
A little too on-the-nose, maybe, so only if for some dumb reason Sony Publishing denies use of “The Ghost of Tom Joad.”

“Outlaw Pete”: Buttigieg for President 2024
Or 2028? 2032? He can wait.

“Sleepy Joe’s Café”: Biden for President 2024
Listen, they can go with the flow on this thing.

“Born to Run”: Peloton
Ryan Reynolds, you speedy devil, it’s not too soon to pounce on this.

“Countin’ on a Miracle”: Viagra
(See: “No Surrender.”)

“The Rising”: Viagra
Someone had to go there.

“This Is Your Sword”: Viagra
And so forth.